Sweetea's Tea Shop in Nashville, Indiana has Scones

Sweetea’s Tea Shop in Nashville, Indiana has Scones — and even Gluten-Free Scones, too

Nashville, Indiana is known for its shopping, but even the most die-hard shoppers or outdoorsy folks need to come up for air. When you need to take a load off your feet, want to escape from rain or snow, or simply spend some time catching up with a friend, there’s three downtown Nashville coffee and tea shops to help you get your groove back and rekindle those friendships.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but these are three Nashville coffee shops that I wandered into–and enjoyed! For me, it is important that the places I highlight are establishments that I have personally visited. When I make a return trip to Nashville, and I will make a trip back to Nashville, you can bet that I will actively seek out the other coffee shops I missed. *sad face* So, please, no hate mail. You are, however, welcome to let me know about your favorite coffee and tea shops (and your most favorite menu items there), in the comments section below.

Three Nashville Coffee (and Tea) Shops

Just because you are in a small town, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality! The following coffee shops are big on flavor. They are all located in or around the small downtown. Sweetea’s is closest to the free parking area, while the other two are in the downtown. Convenient and stress-free.

Clever Exterior Signage at Common Grounds Coffee Bar and Tea Shop in Nashville, Indiana

Clever Exterior Signage at Common Grounds Coffee Bar and Tea Shop in Nashville, Indiana

Common Grounds

Common Grounds sits next to Big Woods Pizza. Find the entrance down a side street right off the main drag (State Road 135). Look for the red door and prepare to enter a comfortable small business. Common Grounds is part coffee shop and part antique shop. Don’t take that to mean it is fussy and overdone. The kid and I really liked the way it felt in here.

No, it is simply that the shelves here are topped with antiques! There’s loads of seating here in all manner of styles. Eclectic and fun. The best part of it is that the seating is also surrounded by books. Sip and read, read and sip. Flip through magazines. Repeat. Doesn’t that sound nice?

There is usually an unfinished puzzle just waiting for someone to come along and pick up the pieces. It’s the kind of atmosphere that lends itself to sticking around and staying awhile. Which, you know, isn’t exactly hard to do. I mean, you can visit with friendly owner Iris, chit-chat with the locals, and just take a load off without feeling like you need to pack up and move out.

In addition to special coffee drinks of the day, there’s a nice menu here. I’ve heard that Iris brings in local eggs for the breakfast as well. I wasn’t here at that point but I think that’s really neat. Who can resist fresh eggs? Place your order at the front counter. That’s where you will find the laminated menu. At this point, it is all up to you.

Follow along with the latest doing on the Common Grounds Facebook Page.

The Daily Grind

Daily Grind Coffee Shop in Nashville, Indiana

Daily Grind Coffee Shop in Nashville, Indiana

There’s a staggering amount of take-home coffees at the Daily Grind, if you can find it. For some reason, the location of this downtown coffee shop baffles area visitors. Really, it isn’t that hard. Just look for Sweetwater Gallery–it’s right across the street. If that doesn’t help, it is found at Van Buren Street by Franklin Street. When all else fails, you can simply browse the map below.

In fact, they boast a selection of more than 100. The wall of coffee beans is pretty appealing. There’s flavors from around the world here. It seems as though every taste is represented. Dark roasted coffees, special blends, decaf coffees, and flavored coffees are here. The place possesses a charming, rustic feel. It looks almost as though you are inside of a log cabin. A fitting theme, considering you are in Brown County.

They have been in business since 1977. With so many things to offer, including a breakfast menu, new arrivals may feel a bit overwhelmed. Take a tip from me and order one of the most popular menu items. That way, you are almost guaranteed a drink that is the best they can make. At the Daily Grind, their most ordered items include things like their cappuccinos and their mochaccino. Kids and adults love the hot chocolate in general. They don’t skimp on the whipped cream, that all-important finishing touch. Adults, however, may want to give the chocolate latte a try. It’s a half coffee and half hot chocolate beverage that’s big on flavor. It is their biggest seller.

Look for the wall with a poster of the t-shirt on it. If you remember from a long ago post of mine about the Daily Grind, they sell branded t-shirts and urge everyone who purchases a shirt to take their picture while on vacation somewhere and to send them a copy. They then add it to their wall. Neat idea–and really fun to see where people were.

Sweetea’s Tea Shop

Common Grounds Coffee Bar and Tea Shop in Nashville, Indiana offers a scrumptious Hot Chocolate

Common Grounds Coffee Bar and Tea Shop in Nashville, Indiana offers a scrumptious Hot Chocolate

Celebrating their two year birthday back in May, Sweetea’s Tea Shop has certainly found its niche in this artsy little town. This charming business strives to share the pleasure of a mug (or teacup) of high-quality loose leaf tea in an array of flavors. Whole tea leaves and buds that form the basis of the teas at Sweetea’s provide a cup of tea that is simply incomparable. If you have only sipped tea made with tea bags, you won’t believe the difference. There were so many types of tea available that the oldest (age 9 at the time) and I found ourselves unable to make a decision. They let you smell the teas, and do a fabulous job describing them before you commit. Thank goodness.

If we had had more time (or, really, realized it at the time) we should have tried a tea flight. Just like its adult beverage counterpart, you can sample five different teas. I think that would be an excellent way to narrow down what you want, and what you should purchase to bring home to prepare, as well.

During my visit, live music played softly in the corner, as a one man act entertained. It’s a place that is made for congregating. The decor is straight out of Pinterest. Placemats boast clever sayings. My favorite was one from Julia Child reading, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” I can’t help but agree with that one. There’s just something about people gathered around a table that creates such a sense of community. You will definitely find that at Sweetea’s too. “Mellow” is the word here. It’s a bright, classy space.

Things to Do in Nashville, Indiana

In the end, we both made our choices, I ordered a chai tea and my son opted for the lavender tea. We thanked the very kind and knowledgeable young man at the front counter and made our way outside with our to-go cups. We had too much ground to cover to linger, though we did gaze longingly at the cozy little spot. We sipped our tea, compared flavors, then switched our cups, permanently. Funnily enough, he preferred what I ordered, and I preferred what he had ordered.

This place serves beautiful food. I found myself staring at the nicely plated lunches of diners. They offer many tasty-looking options. You might find gluten-free lemon blueberry scones or maybe you would prefer a crustless quiche? Yes, gluten-free food items are available. Look for other items as well, like chicken salad with gluten-free crackers, scones, and salads that can also be prepared gluten-free.

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Younger children, ages 12 and below, will love the Prince or  Princess Tea. It includes a butterfly or train-shaped sandwich (how cute is that), chips, a cookie or brownie, and their choice of tea, lemonade, or milk. I think that’s a great idea. For everyone else, there’s a variety of meals that are served with tea in addition to the high tea menu option. For those with a little foresight, you may reserve your spot ahead of time, and have a nice high tea lunch.

For reservation-holders, everyone gets a tea sandwich, quiche, pastry, and so on. There is still the high tea option for everyone else, like us, who didn’t plan ahead. You would receive your choice of a sandwich or quiche, soup or salad, and a dessert, like scones or tea cake, along with tea or coffee.

You may follow along with the latest specials and incoming products on Sweetea’s Facebook Page and at their Instagram account.

Coffee Shops in Nashville

Sweetea's Tea Shop in Nashville, Indiana: Keep Calm and Drink Tea at Sweetea's!

Sweetea’s Tea Shop in Nashville, Indiana: Keep Calm and Drink Tea at Sweetea’s

Don’t you love having choices? There are more than these coffee shops in Nashville, but at least these are a nice beginning to your own Brown County adventure. Get out of the car, wander around, and see what you can find. But whatever you do, come back and let us know your favorite things in the comments section below.

The Google Map below is a great starting point to helping you find your way. You can see that each of the tea and/or coffee shops is marked with a marker. Use the maps function on your smartphone to help you get from here to there.

Common Grounds
66 N Van Buren Street
Nashville, IN 47448

The Daily Grind
114 S Van Buren Street
Nashville, IN 47448

Sweetea’s Tea Shop
225 South Van Buren Street
Suite C
Nashville, IN 47448

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