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Images: Abbot’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown

Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana

Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana is a generations-old chocolate shop with all of the tasty treats you would expect! Time it right and see it made.

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Carol’s Toy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana

Carol's Toy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana

We were hardly outside of the music and recording studio in Hagerstown, Indiana when our oldest son yelled, “There’s a toy store! Carol’s Toy Shop! Can we go? You could write about it!” But of course. So, we hurried across the street in case they were getting ready to close for the day. Hagerstown, Indiana Toy Store This was one ...

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Museum of Antique Bicycles in Richmond, Indiana


Has it been awhile since you've found a free attraction in Indiana? Then you need to head to the Museum of Antique Bicycles in Richmond, Indiana! Located above the Two Sisters Books and More, it's a spacious, wonderful place much like the business that resides below.

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El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant in Richmond, Indiana


Reasonably priced, filling, and situated in a colorful, festive atmosphere makes El Rodeo in Richmond, Indiana a memorable Indiana Mexican restaurant for sure!

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Number 9 Grill in Cambridge City

Number 9 Grill in Cambridge City, Indiana

The new place to eat in Cambridge City, No. 9 Grill promises a fine dining experience. It's housed in the old No. 9 Lodge, of course!

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Images: Amish Cheese Shop in Cambridge City

Amish Cheese Shop in Cambridge City, Indiana

The bright yellow exterior of the Amish Cheese Shop in Cambridge City, Indiana is easy to spot from the road! Just wait until you get inside.

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Olympian Candies in Richmond, Indiana: Since 1909


Olympian Candies has been a part of downtown Richmond, Indiana for over 100 years. Specializing in handmade, hand-dipped chocolates, this is a shop that smells as good as it looks! Olympian Candies in Richmond, Indiana It was 1909. Greek immigrant James Chagares, his three sons, and two daughters, kept the shop stocked in not only chocolates but ice cream! Between the ...

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Payne’s Music and Recording in Hagerstown, Indiana

Payne's Music and Recording Studio in Hagerstown, Indiana

The drum set in the front window is a dead giveaway: music is alive and well at Payne's Music and Recording in Hagerstown, Indiana! Yes, Hagerstown, a community that boasts just over 1500 people has a full service music shop.

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Sassy Seconds in Richmond, Indiana


Thrift shop lovers will absolutely love Sassy Seconds, a very large sell-it-again shop in downtown Richmond, Indiana. With a hip interior that takes advantage of brick walls, using them to prominently display eye-catching items, it's an organized and appealing bargain bonanza!

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Little Sheba’s Restaurant in Richmond, Indiana


Little Sheba's Restaurant in Richmond, Indiana is a local favorite--and always hopping. With sandwiches that aren't only tasty but cleverly named, it is easy to see why this Wayne County restaurant is so popular!

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