Athens Grill in Lowell, Indiana

Athens Grill in Lowell, Indiana

It’s a rarity to find a Greek restaurant in a small town unless you happen to be in lovely little Lowell, Indiana at Athens Grill!

When the word on the street repeatedly pointed out the existence of a wonderful Greek restaurant in this Lake County town, Athens Grill, well, I didn’t have to think twice.

Athens Grill in Lowell, Indiana

Athens Grill in Lowell, Indiana

Athens Grill in Lowell, Indiana

The place was super, super tiny. Really, it is just adorable. It’s also so easy to find! Right off the main drag in this small Indiana town, we didn’t even get lost or confused!

Walking inside, wow, did it smell so incredibly good! This menu is absolutely amazing. There’s a ton of great Greek favorites on here as well as a few American menu items that occasionally have a nice Greek twist. It had something for everyone, even folks that tag along to a Greek restaurant but for some reason don’t want any Greek food. Yes, there are items here for them, too.

I freely admit that I love Greek food. Greek salads, Gyros, burgers…it took me a bit of time to decide. There’s a lot of choices here!

Lowell, Indiana Greek Restaurant

Athens Grill in Lowell, Indiana

Athens Grill in Lowell, Indiana

Since the natives were getting restless and, according to Kid #1, were also starving, we decided to take advantage of their carryout option. Since it was such a beautiful, mild, and sun-shiny spring day, we opted to picnic over at Lowell’s excellent Evergreen Park. Side note: when I was a kid, my grandmother also lived in Lowell and used to take me to this great park! Although the playground equipment has changed, it has definitely improved its selection.

We placed our order: a shish-ka-bob for Kid #1, a Gyro for my husband, Jeremy, and the Athens Double Cheeseburger for me! I know. I got a hamburger at a Greek restaurant? But oh my–it was so, so good! Kid #1’s shish-ka-bob came with a pita and buried underneath a mound of French fries. He thought it was very fun!

My husband’s mile-high Gyro looked so incredible. As to my Athens Double Cheeseburger, well, you can’t go wrong with Feta cheese, mushrooms, and green olives. They were really loaded on there. It was an excellent combination that really hit the spot. As much  as I love a good gyro, I think I would have to go for that one again. At least I can count on my husband to let me snag a bite or two.

Go There

Athens Grill has got quite the sandwich menu. I’d love to try their Reuben sandwich! Do yourself a favor and jet on over to Lowell, Indiana in Lake County. It’s good Greek.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

Just don’t forget to tell ’em that  little Indiana sent you!

Athens Grill
Lowell, Indiana 46356

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