Ball Hill Cemetery in teeny tiny don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it Cutler, Indiana is an excellent historic cemetery.

Let’s just say that Ball Hill is very appropriately named (even if no one knows exactly how it got its name).

Ball Hill Cemetery in Cutler, Indiana

Ball Hill Cemetery in Cutler, Indiana

Ball Hill Cemetery in Cutler, Indiana

This Carroll County cemetery is on quite a hill. Set up high like that, visitors to Ball Hill Cemetery in Cutler, Indiana are rewarded with an amazing view of, well, nothing! Cornfields and trees as far as the eye can see. It stretches across a big hill with additional acreage added on through the years. It is really something to see.

I have mentioned my love and obsession with tromping through Indiana cemeteries before. They are some of my favorite places to ride bikes through, to stop and read the headstones, to wonder about the people here, and to explore.

Ball Hill Cemetery is very old, as in 1838 kind of old. We noticed that, given the age of a lot of the headstones, many are in surprisingly great condition. Of course, there are plenty that are old and crumbling or have snapped in half or had pieces break off, but just the same, especially for its age, Ball Hill Cemetery is in remarkably good shape.

Ball Hill Cemetery History

Ball Hill Cemetery in Cutler, Indiana: It's quite the hill!

Ball Hill Cemetery in Cutler, Indiana: It’s quite the hill!

The headstones are really incredible and range from the simple to the extravagant. Can you say giant obelisk?. That’s because this Indiana cemetery is now home to Cary Landis, the Florida Attorney General from 1930 – 1938 (yes, I do have that memorized now).

A Methodist Church was located here as well (in various rebuilds) from 1871 – 1965. I’ve been told that the Bell Tower was added by locals. After an inspiring history walk at the cemetery one year, the participants realized they wanted to commemorate their past. So, they added a tolling bell tower to the site. I think it’s a nice touch.

Ball Hill Cemetery is in the middle of nowhere. It’s absolutely quiet. Wandering around the cemetery, I will admit that my husband, Jeremy, had me slightly jumpy–though I won’t tell him that!

I should never have watched that zombie movie the other night. All I kept thinking about was how soft the ground was…perfect for something to grab your ankles and pull you under. Hey, it’s Halloween. I’ve got to have a little fun with you.

An Indiana Cemetery

Things to Do in Cutler Indiana

Ball Hill Cemetery in Cutler, Indiana is definitely a unique way to spend the afternoon.

I would recommend that you either go when it isn’t freezing cold or dress a lot warmer than we did! That hill is high and it’s rather windy.

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Ball Hill Cemetery in Cutler, Indiana

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