Not Just Popcorn in Edinburgh, Indiana

Not Just Popcorn in Edinburgh, Indiana

Not Just Popcorn in downtown Edinburgh, Indiana is one unusual shop.

The first thing you notice at this Johnson County popcorn shop is the wall of popcorn tins: baseball, football, and other sports teams.

Not Just Popcorn in Edinburgh, Indiana

Have you ever strolled around Edinburgh, Indiana? Kid #1 kept commenting how good it smelled–like popcorn! We figured there must be a small town movie theater in the area.

We were surprised to see an entire shop devoted to popcorn! Not Just Popcorn isn’t your regular popcorn. It’s colorful and there’s a lot of it! Bags and tins are lined up everywhere you look.

In fact, Not Just Popcorn makes 300 different varieties of popcorn! little Indiana went on a behind the scenes tour of this Johnson County business–and you can too! Just ask.

Edinburgh, Indiana Popcorn Shop

Not Just Popcorn in Edinburgh, Indiana

Not Just Popcorn in Edinburgh, Indiana

Not Just Popcorn pops their corn in coconut oil in 2 lb batches. A contraption on the machine removes the unpopped kernels, which are later fed to animals so there’s no waste. Neat, right?

The most popular flavors include Dill Pickle, Chicago Cheese, and Caramel. There’s plenty of unusual popcorn flavors, too, like Snickers, Nutty Hoosier, Blue Raspberry, Bubble Gum, and so many more!

After watching a lady filling a tin of popcorn, I couldn’t help but ask, “Do you still eat popcorn?” She laughed and said that she does! They all agreed that they just can’t keep from snacking on it! Well, I guess with over 300 varieties of the stuff you wouldn’t be tasting the same flavor everyday.

We sampled Dill Pickle Popcorn, Maple Cream Popcorn, Chicago Cheddar Popcorn, Pumpkin Spice Popcorn, and Iced Cinnamon Popcorn (a white chocolate coated cinnamon popcorn). My husband, Jeremy, liked the Dill Pickle popcorn while Kid #1 and I loved Iced Cinnamon. I’m still getting cravings for it!

Go There

Not Just Popcorn in Edinburgh, Indiana

Not Just Popcorn in Edinburgh, Indiana

They happened to have a map of all the people who have physically walked into the store and where they live. It’s not just people from surrounding Indiana towns or the city–but the world!

You just never know sort of tasty surprises you may discover! So go on–get out there and start exploring.

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Not Just Popcorn
114 E Main Cross Street
Edinburgh, Indiana 46124

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