The Chateau in Mariah Hill, Indiana

The Chateau in Mariah Hill, Indiana

It was dark and heavily snowing as we pulled into The Chateau in Mariah Hill, Indiana.

While I concocted stories in my head about the missing family from out of town that made a wrong turn on the way back, we got the kids settled inside this Spencer County restaurant.

The Chateau in Mariah Hill, Indiana

The Chateau, so named, I’m assuming, because of it’s castle-like exterior, felt particularly warm and cozy on this blustery night!

Having no idea what I wanted to eat (and hearing that the ribs and fried chicken were excellent and on the buffet), I did a quick browse of the buffet. I picked the buffet. While I’m not normally all that big on buffets, The Chateau buffet appealed to me. It looked like it had something for everyone!

My husband ordered the catfish with a baked potato based on a recommendation from our waitress. Kid #1 choose the corn dogs (which he had been hoping for–as usual).

Mariah Hill, Indiana Restaurants 

The Chateau in Mariah Hill, Indiana

The Chateau in Mariah Hill, Indiana

I dug in to the buffet. I normally am not a rib-eater but I admit I grabbed one on impulse. The Chateau is known for them! I also found meat loaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli (the baby is a huge broccoli fan), and a salad plate of crab pasta, Italian pasta, and a delicious fresh salad. Yum!

Let me say now that the ribs were excellent! I couldn’t believe how fantastic they were! From what I understand, they are actually grilled outside. Yeah, in the cold and the snow, grilled outside. Whatever they did to them, I am happy to report that they had a terrific flavor. I didn’t have any complaints about the rest of my plate(s) either.

Now, it’s probably pretty obvious that this was not our first time eating out with the kids in tow. I will say that The Chateau was absolutely (and fantastically) kid friendly! Sure, there were plenty of grown-ups at The Chateau (it’s really nice inside) but there were also  a higher number of little ones than are usually out and about on a snowy Saturday night.

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The Chateau in Mariah Hill, Indiana

The Chateau in Mariah Hill, Indiana

That said, this Indiana town restaurant is very nice inside. In fact, we wondered (and worried) if we were under-dressed in  our jeans when we pulled up!

They do have a separate bar area so if you are looking for something more intimate, there ya go. Otherwise, The Chateau family seating had great atmosphere.

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The Chateau
6980 E State Road 62
Mariah Hill, Indiana 47556
I realize that the map is giving a wonky location. I’m including it anyway.

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Special thanks to the Spencer County Visitors Bureau for the free meal vouchers. Opinions, however, remain mine and mine alone.

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