Traditional Christmas Dinner at Santa's Lodge in Santa Claus, Indiana

Traditional Christmas Dinner at Santa’s Lodge in Santa Claus, Indiana

Santa Claus, Indiana obviously has a pretty good relationship with Santa. You would think he would be too visit to walk around and visit with guests, and then take photos with everyone later, but he even showed up for dinner at Santa’s Lodge Celebration Room. 

Everyone was invited to sing loudly and entice Santa to come out of Santa’s Lodge and say “hi.” It’s all part of the fun as Santa listens to children’s wishlists, while parents take pics.

Traditional Christmas Dinner in Santa Claus, Indiana

I was expecting to have a long wait. Some of the other tables had kids that were getting a bi fidgety having to wait (and wait to even eat) so I was hoping it wasn’t going to be too bad. I guess we did pretty well then because we even didn’t get through all of Here Comes Santa Claus when a door opened and in burst Santa and the Mrs. 

The door happened to be right near our table. Kid #1’s face looked awed, shocked, surprised, and excited. I guess it’s the four stages of meeting Santa Claus. Given where we were sitting, Santa got to him first and Kid #1 actually put his hand on Santa’s glove and quietly gave him a hug. It was so sweet. He seemed so awed.

I’ve never seen the kid speechless. Ever. Trust me–I just survived another five hour trip with the chatterbox. Endless questions, stories, and rambling in general happen constantly. Wherever does he get it from?

Santa Claus, Indiana Holiday Event

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Well, Santa visited every single table in the room before we were invited to go help ourselves to dinner (however did I forget to grab mashed potatoes?). Kids were so excited.

Bonus points to Santa for calling me “young lady.”

A word to the wise: if you are considering the Traditional Christmas Dinner at Santa’s Lodge in Santa Claus, Indiana, make sure that you arrive early if you need a high chair. We were right on time (and expected) and were surprised to hear that they were all gone,. As a travel writer, it was very unexpected since they knew we were traveling with a baby.

Just in general, for an event that caters to children, I was surprised by that one. Dear Santa’s Lodge: please get more high chairs. It was very hard to eat, hold a baby, and try to feed a baby, all from our laps. He had nowhere to just be without someone holding onto him.

Just the same, it was a really neat experience and one that Kid #1 was really happy about. If we knew there would be enough highchairs to go around, we would probably do it again–it could be the start a new Christmas tradition in a nice Indiana town.

Traditional Christmas Dinner at Santa’s Lodge Video

Watch Santa Claus, Indiana: Traditional Christmas Dinner with Santa Claus in the Celebration Room at Santa’s Lodge on YouTube or below.

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Santa’s Lodge
91 W Christmas Blvd.
Santa Claus, IN 47579

Thanks to the Spencer County Visitor’s Bureau for hosting our stay. Opinions, as always, remain mine and mine alone.

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