Double D Resale in Covington, Indiana

Double D Resale in Covington, Indiana

Located on a corner downtown, you can’t miss Double D Resale in Covington, Indiana.

Looking at all the rows of furniture lined up on the sidewalk in front of this Fountain County resale and antique shop you can’t help but go in!

Double D Resale in Covington, Indiana

Named for the two letter “D’s” in the first names of the owners, Duane and Diane, Double D Resale Shop is double the fun! It’s a bargain hunters dream come true.

There is a lot of furniture in and out of this Indiana town shop. I mean a lot! A whole bunch of different styles and colors but they all had one thing in common: an awesome price tag.

These down to earth folks understand that in today’s economy, we could all use a boost. They have purposely kept their items at an affordable price tag to “meet the needs of the many.” It’s their way of giving back to the community–not something they are relying on.

Covington, Indiana Antique Shop

Double D Resale in Covington, Indiana

Double D Resale in Covington, Indiana

Appliances large and small, you’ll pass by shelves of books and things before you get to the other section of the shop.

Look at all those shelves of stuff! Dishware and crocheted items, race cars and brooches. It’s part Indiana antique shop and part resale shop. Due to their commitment of service to others, you’ll find quickly changing inventory too.

Our two boys were fascinated by the three wooden model ships for sale. And the race cars. And the soldier’s uniform. Double D Resale is a fun place to browse!

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Double D Resale in Covington, Indiana

Double D Resale in Covington, Indiana

This place is a great first start if you are looking to inexpensively furnish a home. Young couples just starting out, seniors on a budget, and college students just getting started…well, Double D Resale should be your first stop!

Looking for something specific? The “Double D’s” will make a list and look for it at their next auction visit.

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Double D Resale
301 Washington Street
Covington, Indiana 47932

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