The Chocolate Shop in Fowler, Indiana

The Chocolate Shop in Fowler, Indiana

When summer sets in, you can bet that locals are hanging out at The Chocolate Shop in Fowler, Indiana.

You can’t miss this Benton County ice cream parlor–just look for the giant ice cream cone on the roof!

The Chocolate Shop in Fowler, Indiana

I admit I’m in denial. The Chocolate Shop has closed for the season–but I’m not ready for the end of ice cream deliciousness! Care to relive the glory with me?

For those who don’t know: Kid #2 gets car sick. Really, really car sick. So, when we are on the road and it’s really hot out (a not good combo for him), we seek out small town ice cream shops to spike a small milkshake with ginger.

Nice, eh? Hey, he loves it and thinks it’s a treat, it keeps him from getting sick and we get ice cream! It’s a win/win all around.

Fowler, Indiana Ice Cream Parlor

The Chocolate Shop: Fowler, Indiana

The Chocolate Shop: Fowler, Indiana

Although Kid #1 went for a basic milkshake (strawberry), I am happy to report that there were chunks of actual strawberries in it! It was definitely a nice change from the usual syrupy shakes!

My husband also got a milkshake–but his was peanut butter. I didn’t even have to ask, I could smell it when we got back in the car. I may have tried a sip or two. That was good as well

He agreed that his was great, but compared to my whipped cream topped beauty of a sundae? No way!

Caramel drizzled down the cloud of whipped cream. Topped with a cherry, it looked and tasted excellent. It was exactly what I needed!

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The Chocolate Shop in Fowler, Indiana

The Chocolate Shop in Fowler, Indiana

This one is outdoor seating only. It is covered, so you can sit back, relax, and watch the world go by in a cute Indiana town.

In the meantime, you can sigh a big sigh with me as we start seeing small town ice cream shops close for the season. Until next year! I know I’m already counting down.

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The Chocolate Shop
103 East 4th Street
Fowler, Indiana 47944

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