Jessica Nunemaker Arrives at the PBS Studio

Jessica Nunemaker Arrives at the PBS Studio

Did you watch Little Indiana history in the making last night? PBS aired The Weekly Special premier, the magazine-style show that holds the Little Indiana segment!

If you missed it, don’t worry! In some areas, The Weekly Special is aired on Sunday or Tuesday evenings. Otherwise, you can watch it in full below–and in future episodes.

Little Indiana Segment on PBS show The Weekly Special

Arriving at the PBS studio to record the Little Indiana segment was more than a little nerve-wracking! I didn’t know what to expect. And I am the kind that likes to know what to expect!

But everyone was really nice and put me at ease. My husband, Jeremy, and I even had the time to walk around the beautiful Indiana University Bloomington campus before the taping. That was fun!

When it got to the actual taping, I suddenly felt rather calm. Weird, eh? If there’s one thing I know, it’s small Indiana towns! It’s not hard to talk about something you love, is it?

After I was in place, I thought, “Hey! I can read from that teleprompter thing!” I had flashbacks to elementary school when I always liked to read aloud. I tried to ignore the fact that folks were recording me at the same time–and I made sure to speak a bit (okay, a lot) slower than usual. Well, I tried. It took a few tries but I DID speak nice and slow. Otherwise, we had to do it over again. No one wants to be the person that keeps everyone there! So, I kept working at it.

I spent a good chunk of time in the voice over room. That was an experience! Those who know me know that I’m a pacer so having to stand still and read in a room smaller than a closet was almost torture. But luckily I had good company. Producer Sarah Curtiss and my husband, Jeremy Nunemaker, kept me encouraged and entertained.

Watching Little Indiana on TV

I don’t know if there’s anything more surreal than watching yourself on TV! Kid #1 was pretty thrilled with the whole idea–I heard him telling Kid #2 about it the next morning.

It sounded something like this:
Kid #1: So you know how Mommy is Little Indiana?
Kid #2: Yes.
Kid #1: Mommy was on TV last night for Little Indiana!
Kid #2: Oh! Wow!

So thanks. Thanks again for reading Little Indiana. I’m so thrilled to share these small towns in a whole new way. Watch A Very Special Weekly Special in full below or you can view Little Indiana’s segment on the PBS website.

A Very Special Weekly Special Premier Episode

That Instagram shot (above) was taken by my husband just outside the studio set–and courtesy of my Verizon Wireless Droid RAZR. Opinions about that nifty little smartphone remain mine and mine alone (as always). 

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana!

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