Annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day

Annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day

Does fighting an elbow-throwing crowd really put you in the holiday spirit? How about those awful lines?

Or maybe…maybe it turns into finding the best deal for something you didn’t really want in the first place?

3rd Annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day

You can find everything you want at your local neighborhood toy store. Did you catch that? You can find everything you want at your neighborhood toy store! Join the country as we celebrate the 3rd Annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day this November 10th!

Since we began our little Indiana adventure, we have been to quite a few local toy shops! Each and every Indiana town toy store has made shopping for toys a memorable and fun experience.

We didn’t deal with crabby staff or long, ridiculous lines. Instead, we had friendly chit chat. We had recommendations from the shop owners themselves. More importantly? We had a great time playing with the toys and found awesome items that last!

When was the last time you could say that about your big box holiday shopping experience?

Indiana Toy Stores

Annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day

Annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day

According to the 3/50 Project, for every $100 spent in local, mom and pop shops, $68 returns to the community–as opposed to only $43 compared to big box chains. I think we sometimes forget just what happens when you turn to big box for all your needs. This season, it’s time to make a change! Make toy shopping fun by visiting your mom and pop shops.

While I’ve got quite a few small town toy stores right here on little Indiana, I realize that there are many displaced Hoosiers who also read little Indiana.

Don’t think you don’t have any options. You can check out Your Neighborhood Toy Store for information on where to find a local toy store near you! You can join us in shopping locally for the 3rd Annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day on November 10.

Go There

Annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day

Annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day

Shopping locally is important for so many reasons. Isn’t it time you started supporting a small town near you? You can find ASTRA’s “Best Toys For Kids 2012” toys just like those pictured here at a shop near you.

From Puppet-on-a Stick and Feed the Woozle by Peaceable Kingdom to Kidoozie Deluxe Build-A-Road with Elevator, to outdoor fun like Ogo Sport–it’s all right here.

It takes a lot of hard work to break a habit…but your independent toy shops are full of all sorts of unique gift ideas–and plenty of classics. You can even find specialty and boutique items that you just won’t see anywhere else. How fun is that?

We can all use a bit of that small town friendliness during the holiday season. Find one near you today!

little Indiana received the items listed above that represent Child’s Play Communications ASTRA National Toy Store Day Promotion. Find The WooHoo Factor on Facebook, Twitter, and online. 

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