A Very Hoosier HolidayWelcome back to A Very Hoosier Holiday, a guest blogging extravaganza right here on little Indiana!

Anyone is welcome to participate as long as they follow one important rule: the post must pertain to winter or the holiday season. Prepare to read an awesome variety of seasonal postings over the month of December.

You’ve probably seen Kelly Heet’s awesome kid-friendly crafts before, either on her blog An Indiana Mom or as part of the Featured Indiana Blogger series.

She’s got a sweet-smelling way to ring in the holiday season that’s fun for everyone! This take on the traditional candy cane craft is sure to be a hit.

A Very Hoosier Holiday: Scented Candy Cane Craft

Scented Candy Cane Craft

Scented Candy Cane Craft

Supplies needed:
Shallow tray
shaving cream
red paint or food coloring
peppermint oil
skewer or plastic knife
white cardstock
old cereal box cut into large squares (for scrapping)
red markers

This project was lots of fun, slightly messy, and got the whole house smelling minty fresh!

I started by putting an old vinyl tablecloth down to help with the mess.

I then filled the shallow pan with the shaving cream. Drizzle the red paint/food coloring around the tray and add a few drops of the peppermint oil. (Only add a few, I added way too many and they house filled with peppermint. Our eyes were watering after a little while. Oops!)

Scented Candy Cane Craft

Scented Candy Cane Craft

Using the skewer or plastic knife, have the kids draw squiggles in to help marble the paint. Carefully set the paper down on top of the shaving cream, and lightly pat down.

Pull the paper off quickly, this will give you the best design. If you pull slowly, more of the shaving cream will stick to the paper. Each kid did 4 papers like this.

We set them out on the table, and then using the cereal box squares, I scraped the shaving cream off of each paper. If you do this right after pulling it off the shaving cream, the paint won’t have enough time to soak into the paper.

Scented Candy Cane Craft

Scented Candy Cane Craft

We let them hang dry for a few hours. I just wrapped some yarn around two dinning room chairs and hung the papers to dry there using clothes pins.

While we waited, I free handed some candy cane shaped tracers for the kids to use. Once the papers were dry, each kid used the tracer to draw out a handful of candy canes. They cut them out, and I taped them to the back door. You could also punch holes in them and use them as garland.

I love how they help decorate for the up coming holiday season!

Inspired by this post from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

About Kelly Heet
Kelly Heet writes a blog, An Indiana Mom, where she posts about family fun, cooking, baking, and kids crafts. She also has a you tube channel where she hosts her own virtual story time. In her of time, she helps with her children’s school, and knits.

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