Pizza Haus: Batesville, Indiana

Pizza Haus: Batesville, Indiana

Pizza Haus in Batesville, Indiana beckoned–you know my great good love of pizza!

So, the family and I walked down the street from Sherman House Inn to check it out.

Batesville, Indiana: Pizza Haus

They call themselves a “pizza restaurant with a German flavor”.

Can you say, “Sauerkraut on pizza?” Well, we didn’t even notice that somehow (it was a long trip) and I so wish we had! How unique is that?

There were plenty of pizza choices–I guess we were distracted! We didn’t even think of ordering anything other than pizza.

Pizza at Pizza Haus 

Pizza Haus: Batesville, Indiana

Pizza Haus: Batesville, Indiana

So, while our sausage pizza from Pizza Haus was fine…I will need to make a return “research” trip to try a famous sandwich.

You can probably already guess what would make me come back, can’t you? Pizza Haus took the Reuben Sandwich, my favorite kind of sandwich, and gave it a twist.

Corned beef, turkey, pizza cheese, sauerkraut and mayonnaise on a rye bun…well, it certainly sounds like something I’d love!

They’ve got a few other sandwiches that Ripley County folks know to order: The Hausburger, Steak Hoagie, and Poor Boy: Pizza sauce, pizza cheese, tartar sauce and onions. Apparently it’s really popular with Batesville folks and I suppose it’s something I should try just to say I did.

So, yes, even the Poor Boy Hoagie sandwich is going on “the list!”

Go There

Pizza Haus: Batesville, Indiana

Pizza Haus: Batesville, Indiana

It’s very clean and tidy on the inside. The people were friendly–and the pizza was okay but it sounds like the real star here at Pizza Haus are the sandwiches!

I’ll be returning to this Ripley County restaurant but until then…you can torture me with tales of your favorite Pizza Haus menu item.

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Pizza Haus
104 E Boehringer Street
Batesville, Indiana

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