Jerky Junction is a Converse, Indiana shop that you don’t see all that often. This really nice downtown Grant County shop is wall to wall hot sauce, jerky, and vintage glass-bottled soda. I love the wood look.

Jerky Junction in Converse, Indiana

Jerky Junction in Converse, Indiana Wall of Hot Sauce

Jerky Junction in Converse, Indiana Wall of Hot Sauce

If you’ve been through the town before, you may remember that Jerky Junction was housed in the former Pennsylvania Railroad Depot on Railroad Street. But not any more. He’s relocated into a nice, great space. He’s since moved into a bright and welcoming building right in town. It is really fun to shop. The open-access bins and shelving units make it easy–and look so attractive to boot.

There are so many funny hot sauce names and incredibly creative bottles. You could spend a good long while just admiring the creativity of these bottlers! Who comes up with these names? I love it! Slap Ya Mama, Trailer Trash, and Belligerent Blaze were a few that popped out at me.

But you don’t want to stand here gawking at the shelves all day. If you did, you would miss out on some other really fun parts of Jerky Junction.

Converse, Indiana Jerky Shop

Jerky Junction in Converse, Indiana

Jerky Junction in Converse, Indiana Interior

My husband had a field day browsing around the great assortment of rubs, marinades, and even barbecue sauce found within this Grant County shop. I think it would be fun to try a different bottle and keep track of your thoughts in a small notebook. I wonder how long it would take to get through all of the bottles in this shop? I’m guessing you would be making more than a couple of trips.

But those who want to take a trip down through memory lane may be very interested in what lies inside the refrigerated cases near the back of the shop.

Glance inside and you may think it’s the usual soft drinks, but if you stop to take a closer look, you may just realize that there’s glass bottles in there. Yes, Jerky Junction carries vintage soda pop. They are the real deal.

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You don’t find a small Indiana town shop like Jerky Junction in Converse, Indiana every day. It is one of my favorite examples of finding the unexpected in a tiny town. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Make sure to call ahead  on this one to double-check store hours. And then? Enjoy.

To see the latest products, join in the fun by following Jerky Junction on Facebook.

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Jerky Junction
315 N Jefferson Street
Converse, IN 46919
This business has closed due to the owner’s death after a battle with cancer.

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