little Indiana on PBS in Covington, Indiana

Little Indiana on PBS in Covington, Indiana

Covington, Indiana was such a neat town I had to share it on video. This is one of those towns that I discovered by accident. I had decided that we needed to explore that area of the state. So, I checked out the map, looked to see if I could find any restaurants listed online, and then made the decision that we should go for it–and see what happened.

We set out on the road. The drive was absolutely wonderful. It was a gorgeous day, everything was green and beautiful, and Covington is in a lovely area. There are fields, woods, and hills. The town itself is a treat. They have fabulous buildings, including a dramatic, incredible art deco courthouse. The shops and restaurants are phenomenal. There’s so much variety here. You will find antiques shops that greatly differ from each other. That’s always one of my favorite kinds of shops to discover. I enjoy finding great vintage toys for the kids and fabulous home decor for me.

Things to Do in Covington, Indiana

Covington also has a wonderful walking and biking path. I love when a small town considers the needs of the community and pulls through. All too often, towns rip down structures that could have been repurposed into reusable, relevant spaces. Not here. They have taken an old bridge and made it a major part of the new Circle Trail that loops around parts of the town. It is as nice as it sounds. Families and couples and solo walkers, runners, and stroller pushers were all out there, enjoying the sunshine and the ease of walking on the paved, clean path.

Restaurants and cafes are dotted around the courthouse and off of the town. I know you will be happy to hear that you have choices. Edited to Add: New places have since moved in, so I know you will be doubly excited by the dining prospects. Hello, coffee. Yes, there are new coffee shops here too.

Of course, you can read all about this neat Fountain County town on little Indiana but isn’t it fun to see it on television? Places to eat, things to do, outdoor attractions–Covington is certainly something special.

You can watch me in Covington, Indiana right here, on the PBS website, or on YouTube. There’s always more where that came from. With a little luck, I will be able to snag a sponsor which would mean a full length show for you. A whole show devoted to small Indiana towns? Would that be awesome or what? I would then be able to physically be in the field, showing you first-hand the spaces and places you don’t know–and will love.

Little Indiana Segment on PBS

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Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

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Covington, Indiana in Fountain County

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