200 Easy Mexican Recipes Cookbook

200 Easy Mexican Recipes Cookbook

I love Mexican food with every fiber of my being–and 200 Easy Mexican Recipes Cookbook by Kelley Cleary Coffeen is exactly what I needed.

When a cookbook proclaims itself to contain simple recipes, I’m usually a bit suspicious. Would you believe these Mexican recipes are actually easy?

200 Easy Mexican Recipes Cookbook

Trust me, I’ve browsed through Mexican recipe cookbooks before so I jumped at the opportunity to honestly review this one.

They’ve called for ingredients I couldn’t easily find or were so overly complicated I gave up. I’ve been let down by the end result more than a few times: fussy food that took way too long to prepare. Ain’t nobody has time for that. Fortunately, that’s changed with this convenient cookbook.

I was really hoping THIS would be The One. It is! Hooray! I may not know how to pronounce every dish, but I certainly can make every dish thanks to New Mexico author Kelley Clearly Coffeen.

I’m including a few items that will be helpful in your cooking quest below. These are affiliate links (see how I use wishlists to shop local).

Mexican Recipes


I’ve got a lot of my “must make” list from this palate-pleasing cookbook! Stuffed Jalapenos (who doesn’t love those?), Empanadas, Sopapillas, Chile Relleno Tacos, and more than 200 pages more delicious, fuss-free Mexican recipes. There’s plenty to choose from and it’s all written in easy to follow directions.

Inside you’ll find a bit of history, a list of tools that may be useful (items like those I’ve linked to above), and a glossary “just in case.” The author spent the last year compiling and testing the recipes. She lived near the US and Mexico border for forty years, like Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and California, so she already had a great stockpile of authentic recipes to pick from.

There are not images with each recipe (there’s 24 images in all) but I think we’ve all eaten enough of these kinds of recipes to know what it should look like–and I think with the author’s helpful hints that accompany each recipe they may actually resemble it.

Authentic Mexican Recipes

Great Homemade Recipes

When you can’t get out to your favorite small Indiana town Mexican restaurants, you can do the next best thing: try to make it yourself at home.

Just in time for summer, you can recreate your favorite Mexican meals in your very own kitchen with 200 Easy Mexican Recipes by Kelley Cleary Coffeen.

For more excellent cookbook reviews, start here. I’m sure you will find plenty of indispensable additions to your kitchen bookshelf.

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