Hilltop Drive In in Cambridge City, Indiana

Hilltop Drive In in Cambridge City, Indiana

Folks have been visiting Hilltop Drive In in Cambridge City, Indiana for many years. As you may have guessed, it is set on a bit of a hill. This Wayne County ice cream parlor and more has been providing area folks with sweet treats and food served fast for decades.

Hilltop Drive-In: Cambridge City, Indiana 

Hilltop Drive In in Cambridge City, Indiana

Hilltop Drive In in Cambridge City, Indiana

You will find an assortment of items on their menu perfect for lunch or dinner. I hear the chicken cutlet is a local favorite and a popular item. But for my family and I this time around, cold drinks were in order. It was a hot day. It was the kind of day that’s so hot that kids are crabby as soon as they wake up, grown-ups don’t want to do anything, and everyone wants to escape to the local pool or ice cream parlor (or maybe even a bit of both).

We stopped by and had a tough decision to make: do we get ice cream kind of stuff that sounds really, really good or do we just get something a little easier to take along in the car?

In the end we went with milkshakes for everyone. They are so easy for little hands to hold and, in the hot weather, it would by far be the easiest. Well, except for me. I actually got a slushie. I had not had a slushie in so long I had to give it a go. Yes, that was refreshing.

Cambridge City, Indiana Ice Cream and More Shop

Hilltop Drive In in Cambridge City, Indiana

Hilltop Drive In in Cambridge City, Indiana

There are pork tenderloin sandwiches (both breaded and grilled) on the menu. Patty melt, grilled cheese, and a handful of others round out the real food offerings here.

When it comes to ice cream, they’ve got a fun selection! Flurries are available in flavors that range from Turtlette, Chocolate Covered Cherry (now that is something I need to try!),  peanut butter cup, chocolate chip, and plenty more. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Of course, your standard dairy desserts are also on the menu. Sundaes, parfaits, and one of my favorites: the banana split.

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Hungry? Hot? Feel like a snack? Or maybe you want a meal and a bit of nostalgia? Hilltop Drive In in Cambridge City, Indiana is the perfect place to enjoy your favorite treats. It is further proof that good things are found in small packages.

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Hilltop Drive In 
705 W Main Street
Cambridge City, IN 47327

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