Lincoln Living Historic Farm in Lincoln City, Indiana is an incredible look back in time. As part of the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, it has 1820s period style, animals, buildings, and lots of educational info. But don’t worry. This isn’t a cold, lifeless museum. At this unique attraction, costumed reenactors help history come to life. They will show you the basic daily tasks that people needed to do to survive and thrive in our past.

Live Demonstrations at Lincoln Living Historical Farm

Lincoln Living Historical Farm in Lincoln City, Indiana

Lincoln Living Historical Farm in Lincoln City, Indiana

You might find the staff members weeding the garden or farming, taking care of the animals, milking the cow, or feeding any one of a number of animals, like sheep, chickens, and horses. They could be chopping firewood or weaving. Demonstrations include quilt-making, cooking, rivving shingles, and working in the garden, to name a few.

Of course, this is all while wearing the clothing of the day. For the women, it seems exceptionally miserable–those long skirts, long sleeves, and hot weather don’t look particularly cool or comfortable.

A demonstration farmer may handle other elements of pioneer life, like the actual plowing, planting, and harvesting of the crops.

Plan Your Trip to the Living Farm

You can tour the farm at any time. If you would like to see it staffed, visit anytime from mid-April through the end of September. After that, you may wander around, but the buildings will be closed. During our visit, we were the only people there, so don’t think that it will be too crowded to enjoy. Make the visit any time of year.

Our youngest might be little, but even he thought this was neat. Hey, they have animals! Sometimes, that is all it takes. He watched as the lady demonstrated different tasks for us. When his attention wandered, it was no big deal. There’s plenty of room to roam out here. The buildings are surrounding by woods.

This is truly an awesome destination all on its own. You’ve got a bit of Indiana history, you’ve got your trails, you have plenty of Abraham Lincoln stuff (he did spend his formative years in Indiana), and you have the larger interpretive center all on the same large stretch of land across Spencer County.

Experience History a Whole New Way

Lincoln Living Historical Farm in Lincoln City, Indiana

Lincoln Living Historical Farm in Lincoln City, Indiana

History is so much more than a dry textbook reading. I firmly believe that everyone would find history interesting if they only got out there to unique sites like this one in Lincoln City, Indiana and experienced it. You can follow it up with books from your local library to find out more about the way people lived in the past.

Indiana has many fantastic venues just like this one. Be sure to add the Lincoln Living Historical Farm to your Indiana travel plans during the active portion of the year to see it in all its costumed, working glory.

To see the latest news, read Lincoln lore, and see special event info, be sure to follow the Lincoln Living Historical Farm on Facebook.

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Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial
3027 East South Street
Lincoln City, IN 47552
Open Year Round BUT for access to buildings and costumed staff visit:
Mid-April through September. It will be open seven days a week beginning in May.
As always, call ahead to verify hours before making a special trip.

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