The Coffee House and Cafe in Scottsburg, Indiana is such a fabulous find. Don’t let the term “coffee house” throw you off–there’s a lot more than a delicious cup of coffee found inside these walls.

The Coffee House and Cafe in Scottsburg, Indiana

The Coffee House in Scottsburg, Indiana

The Coffee House in Scottsburg, Indiana

For starters, you will find fantastic atmosphere. Grab a seat at the variety of tables and chairs. Enjoy the local art hung all over the walls. It is really incredible.

Gawk in wonder at the bookshelves that look so real you won’t believe it is paint. Cozy up to the electric fireplace in a cushy chair. Enjoy freebie WiFi. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the small Indiana town ambiance.

Then…notice the menu. Yes, there are a ton of different beverages on here. Coffees of all kinds from cappuccino to lattes to things for non coffee drinkers like orange juice and sweet tea.

Scottsburg, Indiana Coffee Shop

Coffee House and Cafe in Scottsburg, Indiana

Coffee House and Cafe in Scottsburg, Indiana

Customize your drink with a flavor shot of English Toffee, Toasted Marshmallow, Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, or Banana and so many more. Or try something a little different and enjoy one of almost twenty unique combinations. The Milky Way: chocolate, caramel, and french vanilla or Smooth Sailing, White Chocolate and Caramel.

But the star of this Indiana coffee shop has got to be the homemade food. Locals rave about the chicken salad but you know how we do things for Little Indiana. My husband, Jeremy Nunemaker, and I were in the mood for a snack. We had just had a grand tour of the downtown. We had even had lunch. But after all of that walking and–who am I kidding? I am always up for dessert.

He had a cookie. Really, he only had that cookie so he could try to dip it into his coffee. As for me, well, I had an amazing slice of pie. My image does not do it justice but don’t worry, because I am totally up for a revisit and a retake. Hey, it’s research. It was a mile-high sort of pie. It had sparkles on top of it. I don’t even know what that was, but it was gorgeous. I am curious to try some of their other creations.

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Since my time at The Coffee House, it has been transferred to a new owner. Rest assured, the food is still homemade. So, act like a local. Hangout and enjoy the offerings at this remarkable Scott County cafe. Add it to your Indiana travel itinerary. Everyone can use a break. Make this local business yours.

See what they have cooking up by giving them a follow. Go to the Coffee House and Cafe Facebook Page for the latest specials–and plenty of pie pics.

Have you visited The Coffee House and Cafe? What’s your favorite menu item? Share it in the comments below! If you found this article helpful, please “like” and share it with your friends. 

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

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The Coffee House
36 E McClain Avenue
Scottsburg, Indiana 47170

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