Farmland General Store in Farmland, Indiana

Farmland General Store in Farmland, Indiana

The Farmland General Store in Farmland, Indiana was our first brush with this charming community. Can it be any more quaint? I love the buildings here.

This is the shop our children were definitely wanting to visit. That’s the downfall when the kids begin reading–they are harder to surprise. It isn’t every Indiana town that carries anything like this. With one whole side devoted to candy and the other side full of things you expect in a general store, this Farmland, Indiana store is one fun place to roam!

Farmland General Store in Farmland, Indiana

Farmland General Store in Farmland, Indiana

Farmland General Store in Farmland, Indiana

Fantastic shelves, glass jars, open barrels…everywhere you look are bright and colorful packages of candy. I honestly have no idea what I would pick out. There’s so much. We knew to give our boys plenty of time to decide. I snapped pics while they walked up the long aisle, and back down again, then back up the aisle…this was going to take awhile.

Kid #1 rejoiced to see several big jars of rock candy. He was so thrilled! Grape, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Sweet Pineapple, Orange–there were plenty to choose among inside this Indiana candy shop.

Kid #2 didn’t know exactly what to do! He browsed around one side of the Randolph County store and then the other. Finally he decided on one single Tootsie roll. The man behind the counter pointed out a neat flashlight/sucker combo. He loves that little flashlight so much he doesn’t even care about the sucker.

Farmland, Indiana General Store

Farmland General Store in Farmland, Indiana

Farmland General Store in Farmland, Indiana

It’s not all candy: there is an assortment of coffee from around the world as well as jams, jellies, and hot sauces. But it’s on the other half of the shop where it gets really fun for grown-ups.

What is a general store? A general store, for those who have yet to visit one, normally contains a variety of items from home decor to garden supplies to food and games. Back in the day it was a one-stop shop.

In Farmland, it covers quite a few bases! There’s a wall of tin signs, a selection of flea market type stuff, a wall of antiques (including some really neat and very old coin banks), games and toys, seeds, and then some.

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With candy, coffee, pickles, and jellies on one side and a slew of general store items ranging from antiques to tin signs to seeds and on the other, it’s the kind of store that was made for moseying.

Revisit the kind of shop that was once a small Indiana town fixture. How I wish the general store were a common shop once again. They are so interesting. Get your nostalgia fix at Farmland General Store in Farmland, Indiana.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

Just don’t forget to tell them that Little Indiana sent you.

Farmland General Store
113 N Main Street
Farmland, IN 47340
Weekdays and Saturdays: 11:00 AM – 5 PM
As always, please call ahead and verify store hours before making a special trip.

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