Vintage linens, glassware, shabby chic furniture–if those words thrill you, then you will definitely want to check out Peru Mercantile in Peru, Indiana. Since its opening in May of 2012, it was one of only two retailers that carry the much-loved Annie Sloan Chalk Paint brand.

Peru Mercantile in Peru, Indiana

Peru Mercantile in Peru, Indiana

Peru Mercantile in Peru, Indiana

The owners, Leo Dabbs and Diane Dabbs, actually own another Peru business, the Farris Wheel–another lovely shop full of antiques and things you need. But at this shop, you can find a great selection as well.

Let’s go back to the chalk paint. In case you don’t know, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is huge. This paint possesses beautiful colors and a fantastic finish. At the Peru Mercantile, items are frequently redone using the paint from the line. The pieces look fabulous and are ready for a new home.

Bonus: they also carry the name-brand line of chalk paint in a variety of fun hues. How great is that? There’s no guessing as to what a color will look like either. Not only is it  clearly labeled, but you can see what color is inside, too. You’ll see. It’s arranged very well. I know you will love the variety.

Antiques in Peru

Peru Mercantile in Peru, Indiana

Peru Mercantile in Peru, Indiana

The exterior alone is wonderful. It’s well taken care of and so nice. Two floors of awesome Indiana antiques await you inside this Miami County shop. What was this building in its former life? Located right near the river, it has the look of something very old. That would make sense given its proximity to the river. Maybe it was a shop then too?

But what could it have been? I don’t know. If anyone does know, please your response in the comments section below. I always find the history of place so interesting, don’t you? Peru certainly has an exciting history to begin with, due to its status as the former wintering headquarters for the circus. I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like to be a kid and to live in Peru during those days. I wonder if kids used to head to the area and see if they could catch sight of an elephant or a sideshow worker, you know?

This Peru, Indiana shop may poke fun with signs like “Junk Situation” below but don’t take it seriously. This is a lovely, lovely place. It’s just beautiful. I could have left for home with so very much. Located just a little bit from the main section of downtown, it’s easy to find too.

Downtown Shopping in Peru, Indiana

Things to Do in Peru, Indiana

Since the original article, the owners of Peru Mercantile have since combined their shops. They are now at the location for the Farris Wheel. You can find the same great items, nice people, and gorgeous pieces of furniture.

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Peru Mercantile
 630 W Main Street
Peru, IN 46970

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