Rough Edges in downtown Scottsburg, Indiana is a fantastic shabby chic destination. Mirrors, furniture both  large and small, chairs, tables, linens, and lighting–they have it all.

Home Decor in Scottsburg

Rough Edges in Scottsburg, Indiana

Rough Edges in Scottsburg, Indiana

You’ll notice the finely arranged window displays while walking bustling downtown Scottsburg, Indiana. They certainly got my attention, anyway. Rough Edges had a seriously cool window. I knew I would have to make the trip back so I could snap a few pictures and, hopefully, maybe, possibly do a little shopping besides.

Once inside, be prepared for the size of Rough Edges in Scottsburg, Indiana. I was blown away by the space. It seems like it’s a nice size but when you walk in, it’s a whole other story. It is very large. I mentioned in other Scottsburg posts that the buildings here are much longer than typical buildings. The same holds true for Rough Edges. I absolutely love that.

The mayor of Scottsburg, William Graham, had shared that people visit their downtown shops for home decor. He said they come in from around the area, that they live in mansions, and are decorating with antique and shabby chic things they find here. He thought that was rather neat. I think it just goes to show how fabulous of a shopping destination you will find in Scottsburg.

Shabby Chic Finds

Rough Edges in Scottsburg, Indiana

Rough Edges in Scottsburg, Indiana

We didn’t have a lot of time. By the time I made my way back to the shop in order to share it with all of you, I had ten minutes or so before they closed. That’s just the worst. I hate feeling so rushed, not when there are so many great Indiana antiques and excellent shabby chic home decor pieces here. I could have headed for home with one of everything.

So, I took pictures, getting through the whole beautiful shop as fast as I could, while covering it as well as I could–and making a mental note to revisit certain sections. I knew that a piece or two would have to come home with me. Yes, they did.

I chattered away to the woman there, gushing over her pieces of furniture. They are terrific. You can find items for living rooms, bedrooms, and even some chairs and things that could go in an office space for a more casual, at home office look. Wow. In terms of bedroom furniture for a traditional, sweet, yet styling girl’s room, you would be set.

Southern Indiana Shopping Destination

Things to Do in Scottsburg, Indiana

I picked up a very tall, wonderful wall mirror with excellent scroll-work for a steal. I just love it all. Enjoy.

Add Rough Edges in Scottsburg to your Indiana travel plans. I know you will love shopping here.

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Rough Edges
10 E Mcclain Avenue
Scottsburg, IN 47170
Monday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Always call ahead to verify hours before making a special trip.

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