Patties of Jamaica on Allisonville Road in Indianapolis, Indiana

Patties of Jamaica on Allisonville Road in Indianapolis, Indiana

Exotic food lovers have gathered at Patties of Jamaica, a mainstay in Indianapolis, Indiana for more than 30 years. The humble Caribbean restaurant sits in a tiny corner of an L-shaped strip mall along Allisonville Road. There’s a sign on the door that reads “Welcome Friends.”

The menu is small, like the restaurant, and is typed on a piece of paper that is perched on the counter near the register, but the food delivers a big punch. This is the place for authentic Jamaican patties.

Caribbean Food at Patties of Jamaica

As you step inside, the owner, Henry, and his son, Stefen, greet you with big smiles and a “How yo do or Howdeedo.” There are only two booths in this Marion County restaurant so most people choose to pick up their food and go.

I ordered the Goat Stew with rice. It boasted a flavorful curry broth, and I enjoyed generous-sized chunks of goat and potatoes. The potatoes were tender and fell apart in my mouth. The stew was seasoned to perfection and very satisfying.

But the main attraction is the patties. These patties have created long-time raving fans .

Patties are flaky, savory hand pies, Jamaica’s version of fast food with a golden-yellow crust encasing spicy beef, shrimp, chicken or vegetable filling. Travelers to Jamaica always reminisce on purchasing a “patee” from a local street vendor. (Food has a way of bringing people together and creating lasting memories.)

Indianapolis Caribbean Restaurant

Patties of Jamaica on Allisonville Road in Indianapolis, Indiana

Patties of Jamaica on Allisonville Road in Indianapolis, Indiana: Goat Stew with Rice

Not only do they serve up warm food, but you can buy frozen patties by the dozen to throw in the oven at home for those late night cravings. You can have patties anytime! Yay!

As you sink your teeth into a patty, put on some Bob Marley, sip coconut water, and imagine you’ve got nothing in the world to do but relax. Sounds nice, don’t you think? You need to add this tasty restaurant to your “must visit” list the next time you decide to do a little Indiana traveling.

Who doesn’t want a tasty and affordable mini-staycation? Patties of Jamaica is very inexpensive and affordable for any budget. It is cash only at the time of this writing.

Excellent Indianapolis Restaurant

Patties of Jamaica in Indianapolis, Indiana

Patties of Jamaica in Indianapolis, Indiana

While sandy beaches, turquoise water, and tropical breezes may be the first images that come to mind when you think about Jamaica, now you have reason to think again.

After eating a meal at Patties of Jamaica, you’ll find yourself planning your next trip to Allisonville Road. I know I am.

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Patties of Jamaica
5172 Allisonville Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46205
As always, please call ahead to verify store location and hours before making a special trip.

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