Little Indiana and sons took off for an afternoon of fun at Stuckey Farms in Sheridan, Indiana A destination unto itself, its new attraction, Adventure Acres, has truly made Stuckey Farms a great place to play for all ages.

Stuckey Farm: Adventure Acres in Sheridan, Indiana

Stuckey Farms in Sheridan, Indiana

Stuckey Farms in Sheridan, Indiana has Family Friendly Attractions

More than just a lovely Indiana apple orchard with 4,000 apple trees (and 27 different kinds of apples), Stuckey Farm has rolled out Adventure Acres, a family fun destination.

Wagon ride? Check. Corn Maze? Check. In fact, this corn maze is a bit different from others you may have done in the past. You don’t get a map to begin. Instead, look for various checkpoints scattered throughout the maze.

These checkpoints contain the map to help you plot your way. With three mazes to choose from ranging roughly 15 minutes long to somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour, you’ve got options. Kids absolutely love a corn maze and, with maps in hand, you’ll find them more than ready to tackle the challenge.

Sheridan, Indiana Apple Orchard

Stuckey Farms in Sheridan, Indiana

Stuckey Farms in Sheridan, Indiana

Sure, there’s the familiar sight of Indiana you-pick apples but kids are going to hone in on the pedal tractor. These are unlike any pedal tractor I’ve seen before.

They aren’t the typical vintage metal pedal tractors you’ve problem seen at numerous Indiana pumpkin patches and apple orchards in the past, these are larger and made for bigger kids. Our *almost* four year old couldn’t quite reach the pedals so he sat on my lap and I drove.

Later, I noticed the really nice kid that helps out at Stuckey Farm actually pushing him along the entire track. Isn’t that the nicest thing ever? Ah, the friendliness of a small Indiana town. Kid #2 hopped off so I could race Kid #1 and the helper (I feel so badly that I didn’t catch his name). That was so fun. I smiled so much my face hurt.

Adventure Acres Attractions

Stuckey Farms in Sheridan, Indiana

Stuckey Farms in Sheridan, Indiana

There’s still more to do at Stuckey Farm. This Hamilton County apple orchard has a gigantic mound of dirt. Climb it and kids will be rewarded with a very long tunnel slide to the bottom. It’s slow moving enough that even the littlest members of your group will enjoy it yet dark enough that bigger kids will like it too.

Eventually though, most of the kids gravitated to the dirt. What kid can resist a giant dirt pile? The answer looked to be very few indeed. They kept congregating over that way. Funny, you can give a kid a bunch of options, and they always want to choose the messiest one.

Tractors always manage to attract kids and when our boys had a chance to sit inside the animal-themed buckets for a tractor ride, well, they ditched the dirt and ran. As you can see, driving is very serious business to Kid #2.

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This marked the start of a beautiful Autumn. Take the family to Stuckey Farm Orchard and Cider Mill in Sheridan, Indiana for a whole lot of good, clean fun in a country atmosphere.

Just remember to grab a pair of sneakers–you’ll need them to really enjoy everything there is to offer at this unique Indiana attraction.

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