Jeeves and Company Restaurant in Scottsburg, Indiana

Jeeves and Company Restaurant in Scottsburg, Indiana

Dine like the locals at Jeeves and Company Restaurant in Scottsburg, Indiana.

This is no hole in the wall. It is, instead, a nice restaurant and certainly the “go to” spot for good eats right smack dab downtown.

Jeeves and Company in Scottsburg

Jeeves and Company is wonderfully decorated, boasts great art on the walls, and is an all-around fantastic dining option right in Scott County. For special occasions, you can bet that locals are making a beeline to Jeeves. Of course, as a local favorite, that “special occasion” could very well be because it is a Tuesday or it is sunny out or…you get the idea. There was so much community in this room. People were chattering and laughing between tables. I love that kind of atmosphere.

There’s a lot of seating in here. This restaurant is huge. During my Scottsburg wanderings, I noticed that large buildings were a common theme. They weren’t necessarily really wide but they seemed to extend to the back–and keep going. It’s something I haven’t seen in any other small town. I wonder how and why that little architectural quirk happened.

This one was no different. Not only were there two sides to this restaurant, but there was even a back room for mid-sized groups. Long tables provide plenty of room. There, art work on the wall was even for sale. It had a nice feel to it.

For me, the best part of exploring small Indiana towns has been when I get to experience something completely unexpected. Did that happen at Jeeves and Company? You better believe it!

Banquet Room at Jeeves

Jeeves and Company Restaurant in Scottsburg, Indiana

Jeeves and Company Restaurant in Scottsburg, Indiana

At Jeeves, you’ve got room downstairs for a decent enough group. What’s even better? The second floor holds a lovely banquet room.

Absolutely gorgeous tall windows let in loads of light. There’s a small stage to hold a band or featured speakers. They’ve even developed a few different options here to hold groups large and small. The floor is beautiful.

It’s so nice to see a pretty option for small Indiana town folks! Scottsburg, Indiana folks are very lucky, indeed. It was a pleasant surprise. I just adore those old buildings.

Jeeves and Company Menu

Jeeves and Company Restaurant in Scottsburg, Indiana

Jeeves and Company Restaurant in Scottsburg, Indiana

Open since 1986, the restaurant has since seen a changing of the guard, so to speak. New owners now operate Jeeves and Company. Please, share your favorite items on the new menu in the comments section below.

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Jeeves and Company Restaurant
64 S Main Street
Scottsburg, Indiana 47170

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