Mescolare in Crown Point, Indiana

Mescolare in Crown Point, Indiana has Kitchen Items

Have a foodie in your midst? When it comes to great kitchen gifts and accessories, you can’t go wrong with a stop at Mescolare in Crown Point, Indiana.

Somehow, Mescolare seems to be a secret that’s almost too well-kept. That’s because this excellent kitchen and food lover’s destination is in a location you may not expect: it’s tucked in the lower level of the Lake County Courthouse.

Mescolare at the Courthouse Shops

Mescolare in Crown Point, Indiana

Mescolare in Crown Point, Indiana Possesses Gorgeous Dishes and Linens

A shop this good needs to be shared! As part of the Courthouse Shops below the fabulous Lake County Courthouse, Mescolare possesses everything you need when it comes to the kitchen. Utensils, dishware, linens–it’s all here. Owner Cyndi Horn has a selection that is simply fabulous. She’s got an eye for knowing just what to carry.

Items are grouped together to make eye-catching displays. Cyndi will not only help you find anything you need, she’ll explain how to use it, and how it came to be in Mescolare. I love hearing the back-story. Don’t you? Everyone here is just so helpful and nice.

But the fun doesn’t end there. Specialty food items like unique salt, gourmet salsa, olives, jams, and jellies wait on the shelves. Have you been searching for Jimmy Luvs Bloody Mary Mix? It’s here. Sprigati Gourmet Sauce, the one that doesn’t only go on pasta, but works great on pizza? Did I mention it’s made in Munster? Yup, she’s got it.

Local and Regional Foods

Mescolare in Crown Point, Indiana

Mescolare in Crown Point, Indiana

They have even carried a product from Indiana blogger, Tales from the Cooper Keeper, who now makes her own hand-crafted marshmallows. I love that.

Forever Herbs compotes like Mango Berry Jalapeno Compote and Raspberry Jalapeno Compote are ready and waiting. Cooke Tavern Soups, gluten-free barbecue sauce, B.Nutty Peanut Butter in nine varieties, and La Crema Coffee from Ohio. They have even started producing their own label for various food products. Are you hungry yet? 

Lucky for you, they also make the rounds at various Indiana farmer’s markets! In the past, you may have seen them in downtown Whiting for the Pedl’rs Market, the Munster Market on Ridge Road, and Griffith’s Central Market (to name a few).

Mescolare is a lovely Crown Point, Indiana shop that will keep you coming back for more!

Kitchen Gifts, Food, and Fun

Mescolare in Crown Point, Indiana

Mescolare in Crown Point, Indiana Gifts Galore (for you or a friend)

If it’s been awhile since you have been in, they have since moved “down the hall” to a larger space. The address below is still the same. When it comes to moves, it could have been worse! How wonderful they were able to open up and get a little more elbow room in there. That’s what happens when you carry such great things.

It’s easy to stay up-to-date with the latest and great at this yummy shop. Follow Mescolare on Facebook to find out when they will be at a particular farmer’s market, to know of any special holiday hours or closings, and for the sheer FUN of it!

Don’t just live in the city: explore it! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Big City, little Indiana!

Just don’t forget to tell ’em that Little Indiana sent you!

1 Courthouse Square
Crown Point, Indiana 46322

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