Midwest Cultural Tourism Conference and Jessica Nunemaker

Midwest Cultural Tourism Conference and Jessica Nunemaker

Although I’ve been a “country” mouse for some time now, since I personally live in a town of far less than 15,000 people, I do have a knack for figuring out just where to stay, play, and eat wherever I go! I attribute it to years of practice.

But don’t worry–I like to share! When you get ready to explore an Indiana city, there’s a few things you may want to keep in mind.

Tips to Explore an Indiana City

Give Yourself Plenty of Time — There’s just no rushing through this one. While you might be tempted to pack in a bunch of museums, parks, and restaurants, you could end up missing out on the experience. Take it easy and do what you can do (and resist the urge to race around). It’s not about checking things off of a list, but enjoying the moment.

Bypass Big Box — Those familiar names may be tempting but what sort of adventure is it if you stick to a place you’ve already visited? While some may take a little comfort in an unchanging menu and dinner plate, I urge you to step outside of the boring box! Instead, look around for a great mom and pop shop or restaurant. That is what takes a visit from ho-hum to memorable.

Bring Cash — Sure, you should bring along your bank card but don’t leave behind cash just yet! There are still mom and pop shops and restaurants that are cash only. In fact, even if they do accept cards, if you choose to pay for your meal with cash over a bank or credit card, it saves them from paying a pesky fee! Plus, there’s still those times when you need change (hello, parking meters).

Ask the Locals — We have such a tendency to stick to ourselves in the city, don’t we? Rather than avoiding conversation or small talk, chat up the mom and pop business owner that is ringing up your sale. Find out where they take their families to eat. Where do they play? For the best result, be specific: say that you are looking for family owned businesses and try to ask more than one person over the course of your day. You’ll be surprised by how many people will give you the same response–even in the city.

Try Something New — Part of the fun of exploring a big city is to embrace the adventure! Try different family-owned ethnic restaurants or venture off the beaten path. You’ll find plenty of amazing places to eat. Step into that cute boutique. Roam the park. Give yourself permission to let go and dig in. You’ll see a side of the city you didn’t realize and have a great story or two to tell your friends and family.

Where to Go, What to Do

Now that you know how to prepare for your trip, you need to figure out where to go and what to do! Fortunately, you will find plenty of help here on Little Indiana with that one.

Browse the Indiana towns and cities tab to look for interesting things all around you. Indiana is like that, you know.

I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Big City, little Indiana!

Don’t just live in the city–explore it!

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