Tell City Pretzels in Tell City, Indiana

Tell City Pretzels in Tell City, Indiana

Tell City Pretzels in Tell City, Indiana is pretzel perfection and my new obsession!

I’ve always been a fan of pretzels, but until I became acquainted with Tell City Pretzels I realized what a pretzel could really be. This is one incredible pretzel.

Tell City Pretzels in Tell City, Indiana

Tell City Pretzels Behind the Scenes Tour

Tell City Pretzels Behind the Scenes Tour

This is an old, old, old local business that has changed hands a few times. In 1858, as part of the Swiss Colonization Society, Casper Gloor, a master baker, came over and settled in Tell City. With him he brought a secret pretzel recipe that became very popular among the locals.

Keeping it a secret until he died in 1912, the recipe entered the hands of Alex Kessler who worked as a master baker for Casper Gloor for seventeen years! Time passed and after Alex passed away the recipe passed on to his two sons…and has changed hands for many, many years!

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Tell City Pretzels did have a brief closing a few years back but they have been back in business since Summer of 2009. Business is booming in this small Indiana town–and beyond! You could say it’s going better than ever.

Hand Twisted Pretzels in Perry County

Tell City Pretzels in Tell City, Indiana

Tell City Pretzels in Tell City, Indiana: Behind the Scenes Tour

Little Indiana and family had the chance to go behind the scenes and hand twist pretzels! Donning the ever-becoming hairnet, we joined the line and got a crash course in pretzel production inside the Perry County factory.

We saw where the dough is mixed and got to work twisting pretzels. The boys thought it was so much fun! The pretzels got a baking soda dip to give them their color, then the pretzels receive a dusting of salt, and then–baking time!

When the pretzels should be finished, one pretzel is broken and checked. The broken pretzels don’t go to waste! Though once upon a time locals could come in and buy bags of broken pretzels for a discounted rate, Brad realized that the broken pretzels take flavorings really well. Garlic, Ranch, Buffalo, Honey BBQ, and Honey Mustard are the delicious varieties that are currently available. Even Burnt pretzels are available. Apparently some people really like them.

I prefer the lightly salted pretzels and my husband is a huge fan of the honey mustard pretzels. Yay! I don’t have to share my bag. It never works out that way. Either way, these pretzels are amazing!

Hand-Twisted Pretzels

Tell City Pretzels in Tell City, Indiana

Tell City Pretzels in Tell City, Indiana Exterior

Everyone is welcome to try their hand at twisting pretzels, too!  It’s fun and kind of neat to think that someone, somewhere may be enjoying a bag of pretzels hand-twisted by yours truly right now. I know I’m not a master pretzel maker YET…but I bet that’s the best bag of pretzels they have ever had. Natural skills over here. Kidding aside, it makes a great hands-on activity for all ages.

As I say over and over again, please call ahead before heading out to this Tell City, Indiana attraction.

As you know, baking success can depend on the weather and if it gets to hot, production will halt–so the Tell City Pretzel hours are not set in stone. Fortunately, you can purchase Tell City Pretzels in locations all over the town as well as online. I love the local pride!

Everyone has their favorite flavor–and a story. I’d love to know about your Tell City Pretzel memories. Please, leave your story in the comments section below so everyone can enjoy it. 

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Tell City Pretzels
1315 Washington Street
Tell City, IN 47586

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