Eye-Opener Cafe in Battle Ground, Indiana

Eye-Opener Cafe in Battle Ground, Indiana

Locals wake up at the Eye-Opener Cafe in Battle Ground, Indiana.

With the long table surrounded by chairs right in the middle of the cafe, you just know that this is where everyone pulls up a seat, grabs a cup of coffee, and chit chats in the early morning.

Eye-Opener Cafe in Battle Ground, Indiana

Although it was mid-morning during our visit, that is exactly what happened!

Someone would walk in, sit down, and talk. Maybe they’d grab the paper. They talked about kids, health, and the latest doings. It was the kind of atmosphere I love.

While I checked out the menu, our boys took a look at the box of books and toys in the front of the cafe. I love that!

Battle Ground, Indiana Restaurant

Eye-Opener Cafe in Battle Ground, Indiana

Eye-Opener Cafe in Battle Ground, Indiana

What a menu! Eye-Opener Cafe certainly had a great selection. They won me over with the words: breakfast served until 2 PM (which is almost as good as breakfast served all day!).

Eggs, bacon, sausage…all the standard favorites are on there!  There’s also the House Burrito (using the make your own omelet ingredients) and MeMe 2’s Naptime, an omelet topped with potatoes, gravy, onions, and green peppers.

Although I hemmed and hawed between the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich and Steph’s Stacker, hash browns topped with your choice of meat, green pepper, onions, cheese, and choice of eggs on top…I had to try Steph’s Stacker with sausage!

The boys ordered Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (Kid #1) and Mini Pancakes (Kid #2). Everyone was supremely satisfied. Those pancakes smelled so amazing.

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Eye-Opener Cafe in Battle Ground, Indiana

Eye-Opener Cafe in Battle Ground, Indiana

Eye-Opener Cafe is cash only. For the prices on this menu, though, you can probably pay for your whole meal plus nice tip with the change in your car!

Menu items are so reasonably priced you’ll be surprised at how far your dollars can stretch at this small town cafe.

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Eye-Opener Cafe
103 Main Street
Battle Ground, Indiana 47920

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