Imagine I Can Shape Stacker Manhattan Toy Review

Imagine I Can Shape Stacker Manhattan Toy Review

little Indiana and family are always looking for new ways to have fun while on the road: Imagine I Can™ by The Manhattan Toy Company is a favorite product of ours.

The Imagine I Can™ series contains a variety of easy to carry games just the right size for traveling! I’m including affiliate links to make it easy (see how I use wishlists to shop local)

Imagine I Can™ by Manhattan Toy


We own the Shape Stack Game and Caterpillar Connect. Perfect for younger kids, these two-player games have simple rules but big fun.

For example, Caterpillar Connect by Manhattan Toy contains a colored die, 21 colored wooden caterpillar pieces, and the instructions in a small tin. To play, you must be the first to build your colorful caterpillar. No, it isn’t hard but our son loves it.

Shape Stack, on the other hand, contains  1 colored die, 6 colored shapes and the instructions. This game, too, possess easy to follow rules. Stack shapes on the wooden base according to the color you roll on the die.

Two Player Games by Manhattan Toy 


Whether you chose Shape Stack or Caterpillar Connect, know that they should be played by two players. This is great kid and adult bonding time! The games aren’t so long that kids get bored or antsy and play fast enough to keep their attention.

I, again, think this is a bit of sneaky education because these are logic-based games. They require a bit of strategy and a bit of careful thinking–important skills that are developed with these wooden games, not to mention learning the names of colors.

Thanks to their small size and the protective tin, they are easy to slip into a bag, camera bag (ahem), purse, or even briefcase for a bit of unexpected fun anytime. Think beyond traveling Indiana–if you go out to eat, visit friends in hospitals or nursing homes, while waiting at the doctor’s office or dentist, and so on.

The Manhattan Toy Company Games

Imagine I Can Caterpillar Connect Manhattan Toy Review

Imagine I Can Caterpillar Connect Manhattan Toy Review

No matter which imagine i Can game you choose, it’s safe to say that you can expect a dependable product and a positive response from the kids.

Made to last and made to be played, the imagine I Can series of travel-friendly games is an easy way to keep kids content while dining out on the road. We don’t visit an Indiana restaurant without them.

Find them at an Indiana toy store or at the Manhattan Toy website referenced above.

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