Romo Reading: Image Used with Permission

Romo Reading: Image Used with Permission

Romotive, or Romo, is (according to the website) the “fun personal smartphone robot that you can program!”

Although that may sound like something for the kids, Romo is definitely a family-friendly robot.

Romotive: Romo the Robot for Your Smartphone

Pair your smartphone with a mobile base and the Romo iTunes app, and you’ve got Romo: the zippy little robot.

There’s multiple aspects to using your Romo. You can train him to recognize your face so that when you active him, he is happy to see you! You may train him to complete varying exercises to help him enter into the intergalactic Robot Space Race. My husband and our two boys are huge fans of that!

There are currently twelve missions that you can play that will not only help your Romo get accustomed to Earth, but for you to get accustomed to your Romo!

On their own, they are just plain fun. But completing the missions unlocks great new behaviors and actions for your Romo. The folks at Romotive plan to release new missions every few weeks–for free! That means new behaviors and actions without spending a dime. I love a good deal.

Robot Fun with Romo

Max and Romo the Smartphone Robot

Max and Romo the Smartphone Robot

Need a break from completing missions? Guide Romo around your home. Or you can get up close and personal to your felines and see an angle of them you have never quite seen before. Take images. Laugh. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

My husband set Romo to chase after bright colors. Kid #2 was wearing a bright green shirt–and giggled as Romo followed him around. You can have Romo react in different ways to different stimuli. It’s really cute!

No matter how you look at it, Romo is by far the most unique and adaptive robot that really gets the family involved! Romo is best for kids aged 8 years old and up.

Smartphone Robot Fun with Romo Review

Romo and iPad: Image Used with Permission

Romo and iPad: Image Used with Permission

Although Romo is addicting and so much fun, he’s also sneaky! When playing with Romo, children aren’t just “playing” but learning important concepts in programming and robotics without even realizing it.

Now that’s just smart! I can’t recommend this fantastic robot enough! Buy Romo online or at a shop near you! See the video below for more Romo information.

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Change Generation | Romotive from BFD Productions, LLC. on Vimeo.

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