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Indiana Blogs: Meemaw Moments

Indiana Blogs: Meemaw Moments

Meemaw Moments is an Indiana blog that shares the story of Rita’s family.

Through photos and her words, this Hoosier blogger captures it all from the life-changing to the every day.

An Indiana transplant, this grandma has a story to tell. We get to tag along for the ride!

Indiana Blogs: Meemaw Moments

Why did you start Meemaw Moments?
It’s hard to believe that my blogging adventure began in 2007, even if only with one tentative entry that year!

After my brother and sister-in-law left to settle in Argentina, where I grew up, I took it up more seriously in order to stay in touch. Kim was already a faithful blogger and at one point I decided to join one of her circles, a Project 365 group that aimed to take a photo a day, post them and link-up on the weekend.

For me this photo-journal of our family life has become a regular commitment that I take very seriously in order to remember, record and share with family and friends all over the world how God is leading and directing our paths.

What about that name? Why Meemaw Moments?
One of the grandsons, when he was beginning to talk, called me Meemaw. Though no one calls me that any more, I still like it.

When I was trying to figure out what should be my niche or focus as a blogger, I concluded that I would most likely be sharing from a grandmother’s point of view. Therefore the subtitle, in Spanish (to bring in my other language) Reflexiones de la abuela.

Some of those thoughts I shared in my very first post, To write or not to write…

What are three of your most favorite posts?
This was the most difficult question. How to choose three?  Here, an earlier sample; a reflective post, and an exciting more recent week.

  • The Discipline of Loss  is an earlier and very meaningful post. However, as I look back over the beginning years, I am embarrassed by the lower quality of the presentation.
  • About Getting Older—a birthday reflection.
  • Extreme Excitement—a very packed week that includes the birth of our youngest grandchild.

As I perused the five years of faithful blogging, I realized that several threads or themes I promised to pursue were soon abandoned. I have long wanted to add flash memoir type posts and become as committed to that exercise as I am with Project 365. Perhaps this will encourage me to pick up one of those dropped balls.

What keeps you ready and raring to post? Why do you blog?
The interest in Project 365 has waned and most have abandoned the circle. I remain strongly committed to this weekly photo journal in an attempt to record daily glimpses into our family’s diverse interests and activities.  Otherwise so much of our full lives would be lost. I believe it is important to remember God’s ways and deeds and pass on our values to our children and grandchildren.

It is a great way to connect with family and friends all over the world.

Positive feedback and encouraging responses keep me going!

What can people expect when they hop onto your blog?
Photos and more photos of family, friends, grandchildren, places, art, travel; brief anecdotes, humor, family life, an occasional sprinkling of Spanish.

Is there anything else that you would like Little Indiana readers to know about you or your blog?
I grew up in Argentina; my parents were missionaries. One of my visits back to my ‘other country’ is chronicled in posts labeled Argentina Series. A favorite post is Borges.

We have hosted Basque students and traveled to the Basque Country. Those travelogs are labeled Adventures in Europe (see On how to get lost in a foreign country ) and Circle Tour 13 (example, On to Pamplona)

Our family loves art.

  • My husband has taken up ceramics in his retirement years. You will quite regularly see photos of his Klaytivity pieces in my blog. Read his story and then follow the label Klaytivity.
  • Our oldest, Stephan, is an ice sculptor. His business, Indiana Ice Studio is located in Yorktown, IN. I feature his work occasionally under that label.
  • Our youngest, Sam, has a custom woodworking business and also makes Life Skateboards. I refer to this recent article here and you can follow that label for more.
  • Our adopted daughter, Leah, is also very artistic. You can read her story here and here.
  • I once featured the stations of an Art Pilgrimage I had been through and wrote a reflection about each (concept explained here.)

We had a house fire in 2011. You can also follow the story of the house reconstruction and the celebration after we moved in seven months later.

Mike and I stay very active. He keeps me motivated by his example, jogs regularly, loves bicycling and has completed many cycling events including the RAIN (Ride Across IN).

I run 5 Ks whenever possible.

Together we ride a tandem. Several years we have taken a tandem vacation.

Living in the Moment

Rita’s commitment to stay involved and active is inspirational! Thanks to Rita for sharing her family and her recipes with us today.

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