Petbox Cat Review

Petbox Cat Review

You may recognize the new “spokesdoggy” of PetBox: Butler Blue III from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana!

If you’ve got a cat or a dog, you might want to take a look at PetBox, the monthly subscription service that provides hand-picked treats and toys to arrive at your door.

PetBox and Blue III

Whether you went to Butler University or one (or several) of your friends did, Butler Blue III might be a familiar face! He’s the adorable Bulldog mascot for BU.

With every subscription of the Butler Blue III PetBox, not only do you keep the live mascot program in place (a portion of proceeds are earmarked for it), but for every box shipped out to subscribers, a rescue animal is fed.

Then, every Friday, a shipment of dog and cat food is sent to shelters, volunteer groups, and rescues. It’s a great way to give back to the community!

Inside a PetBox

Petbox Cat Review

Petbox Cat Review

It is very hard to take images of a product when your felines keep trying to grab them away from you! Before I could even get it open, I had curious kitties crowding me.

As you might be able to see, our PetBox contained six items: three different kinds of treats and three different cat toys.

  • Stevie “T” Buscemi: His favorite toy from the PetBox is the catnip filled hedgehog. He rubs his face in it, he throws it around, and he gives it a rabbit kick for good measure every now and again. Since it is refillable, it’s something he’ll be able to use for a very long time.
  • Max: This giant white feline is never too far away from his feathered toy! There’s nothing more hilarious than throwing it for him and watching his fluffy “Russian pants” run to go get it!
  • Charlie: Although it may look like he was more excited about a new box to sleep in, he plays with the hedgehog and the feathered toy in between lengthy naps! He is between 10-11 years old, so I think he deserves it.

Every PetBox will include 5-7 full-sized premium items.

Butler Blue III and PetBox

Petbox Cat Review

Petbox Cat Review

Unlike other monthly subscription box mailers, with PetBox, you have options!

Hand-select your own treats and toys or let the folks  at PetBox surprise you. Either way, your pets are almost guaranteed a great time. Unlike other subscription services, I really like that PetBox lets you chose what your pet should get–and that they ship it the next day.

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