Cooking PlanIt App for iPad

Cooking PlanIt App for iPad

Cooking PlanIt is a new app that helps anyone get more organized in the kitchen.

They call it a “GPS for your kitchen.” I call it amazing!

Cooking PlanIt App Review

Rather than guessing when to begin each part of a meal, Cooking PlanIt will tell you!

Using the voice activated function, you can tell the Cooking PlanIt app to scroll down, scroll up, move ahead, or move back. Never again will you get flour all over your iPad while making a recipe! Our four year old thought it was pretty fun to say “move ahead” each time and asked again this morning if we could use it!

The time keeper feature is truly innovative! As you proceed through the recipe, Cooking PlanIt will let you know if you are further ahead than you need to be.

Then, it will let you know how much time you have before you get to where you should be, while it calmly suggests that you relax for a minute or do a bit of clean-up. Neat! It really does help you pull everything together at the same time!

Organized, Efficient, and Easy to Use

Cooking PlanIt Seven Layer Dip Recipe

Cooking PlanIt Seven Layer Dip Recipe (mage Courtesy of Cooking PlanIt

I love the idea behind Cooking PlanIt! New cooks in particular will love having the guidance Cooking PlanIt provides while more experienced cooks will feel more confident about trying out a whole meal of new recipes! Cooking PlanIt is a total win/win no matter what level of experience you possess.

While I can pretty much figure out our every day meals and have a feel for when I should start the different parts of our meal–it wasn’t always that way! Truth be told, it’s not always that way today! If I’m making a series of dishes I’ve never made before, I may not always have a sense of when to start which thing when!

Thanks to Cooking PlanIt, those are all concerns of the past. Not knowing exactly how to make a recipe is no longer a reason not to make it, at least, not while I have Cooking PlanIt to lean on!

More than that, you can search for new recipes by what you already have on hand! If I have chicken, broccoli, and rice, I can enter those in the search bar and bring up all the recipes that include those ingredients.

Get the Cooking PlanIt App

Cooking PlanIt Nachos Al Fresco

Cooking PlanIt Nachos Al Fresco (Image Courtesy of Cooking PlanIt)

From shopping for groceries to actual meal prep, Cooking PlanIt has you covered.

The recipes are varied. From Meatless Monday to Family Favorites, you are sure to see something you will want to try! And with Cooking PlanIt, getting in the kitchen has never been more organized or efficient!

Download the wonderful app today! There’s an iPad Version and an iPhone Version.

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