Abbott's Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana

Easter Almond-Ears at Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana

For more than a hundred years folks have enjoyed the homemade goodness of Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana.

Since the 1890’s, generations have savored the creamy chocolates and buttery caramels of this Wayne County sweet shop.

Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana

Abbott's Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana

Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana World Famous Caramels

Beginning in his garage, the original Abbott owned a restaurant and began two side businesses: ice cream and caramels.

Eventually, he ended both the ice cream side of things and his restaurant in order to concentrate on candy. I think he made a good decision. Generations of Abbotts (and now new owners) helped the family business along, adding mechanized components, mail order, and loads of awards.

Today, you may tour Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana during particular hours of the day. Otherwise, there’s still a good chance you can watch parts of the process right from the shop and gifts room itself.

Wayne County Chocolate Shop

Abbott's Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana

Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana

Abbott’s Candy Shop is known for their caramels. Oh my! Hand-wrapped, these are sweet pieces of perfection, with or without the oven-roasted pecans. There’s almost a slight crispiness to the outside that leads to a super soft, melt in your mouth inside. It’s amazing and addictive. I even enjoyed the pecan-studded caramels.

But there’s more to this Indiana chocolate shop than the caramels. As part of my research, I had to test the Orange Milk Chocolate Buttercream chocolates. You know how much I love those things. Abbot’s Candy Shop produces a lovely one. Oh, it was smooth and soft and absolutely perfection.

There’s also the best-selling Gismos, Almond-Ears at Easter (shown in the photo above, aren’t they adorable?), buttercream candies of all kinds, nut clusters, peanut brittle, and a heap of other candy treats. I’ve been in many shops that carry chocolate and candy, but none have had displays quite like this. I love the way they have different adorable offerings for the seasons.

For Valentine’s Day, they suggest pairing the engagement ring with a box of their delectable chocolates. It makes such a lovely surprise (and I consider a box of chocolates a great bonus).

Indiana Chocolates

If you love chocolate or caramel or candy, you will want to head to this small town chocolate shop. It’s so very good–and quite the interesting process. As always, call ahead. You don’t want to miss this delicious addition to the Indiana Chocolate Trail. Now that is my kind of trail.

To stay on top of the latest events and store hours, follow Abbott’s Candy Shop on Facebook.

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Abbott’s Candy Shop
48 E Walnut Street
Hagerstown, IN 47346

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