The Snugg iPhone 5s Pouch Case

The Snugg iPhone 5s Pouch Case

Can you ever find a smartphone cover that actually fits and looks nice?

That’s oh so easy when you turn to The Snugg iPhone 5s Pouch Cover!

Snugg iPhone 5s Cover

I was already familiar with The Snugg brand. We already use the Snug iPad Cover (follow the link for that review) for our iPad, courtesy of Verizon Wireless.

Since my end of July 2013 review, I can tell you that it has held up very well from constant use and even traveling!

You could say that my interest was piqued when I heard that The Snugg was making smartphone covers! Not only your basic smartphone covers, (with a stylin’ spin) but the kind that double as a wallet too! Now that’s an idea I really love.

Slim and Sleek iPhone Case

The Snugg iPhone 5s Pouch Case

The Snugg iPhone 5s Pouch Case

They’ve got it all, too. iPhone, Galaxy, Samsung, Blackberry–hey, the gangs all here! But, we had an iPhone 5s to cover so I had some tough decisions to make.

There’s a really fun smartphone cover called “Squared” available from The Snugg. The Squared Smartphone Case is bold in bright red, purple, blue, orange, and then some. While it looked like it could really brighten the most gray of Indiana days, I had to go with the pouch case.

I’m all about carrying as little as possible while on the road. The Snugg Pouch Smartphone Cover is the perfect fit! Literally!

Slim as can be yet durable, it holds my driver’s license, bank card, and one other card. Everything is held very tight–there’s no way these are  falling out! To actually get your iPhone out of the case, you simply give a gentle tug on the strap–and there you go.

The Snugg Products

The Snugg iPhone 5s Pouch Case

The Snugg iPhone 5s Pouch Case

From what I’ve personally used so far, The Snugg is certainly a name I trust when it comes to keeping my electronics protected, stylish, and functional. The lifetime guarantee doesn’t hurt either!

The Pouch iPhone Case by Snugg is perfect for someone on the go like me! iPad or iPhone (or, really, a whole slew of others!), The Snugg has something to fit.

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