The Two Sisters Books and More in Richmond, Indiana

The Two Sisters Books and More in Richmond, Indiana

Head downtown and prepare to browse– The Two Sisters: Books and More in Richmond, Indiana encourages it!

Located in the historic Depot District of Richmond, this Wayne County bookstore carries all kinds of new, used, and even rare books in the spacious 2800 square foot shop.

The Two Sisters: Books and More in Richmond, Indiana

It’s quiet in here. Soothing. Big sofas with plenty of room for a crowd are right in the front of the shop. It’s also highly likely that Kate or Patty Glenn, the sibling owners of this Indiana bookstore, are at the counter as well.

A lifelong dream, these book-loving gals got their love of lit from their father, though his love of the written word was pushed aside due to Vietnam and a subsequent military career. Now, he’s helped his daughters launch their dream (and built the marvelous shelving units!).

Running the shop together, they both have made literature a huge part of their lives. In fact, Kate Glen, high school English teacher by day, published her first book, The Misadventures of Martin Hathaway last fall. Now they get to share their favorite books with the community!

Richmond, Indiana Bookstore

The Two Sisters Books and More in Richmond, Indiana

The Two Sisters Books and More in Richmond, Indiana Exterior

There’s a lot of fun little flourishes inside the independent bookshop. For starters, you can look for one of Richmond’s fairy doors here! Yes, The Two Sisters Book and More is a part of the Fairy Trail! If you don’t know about that one: stay tuned! I’ll be sharing the details on that unique Indiana adventure.

You can head to the mystery and thriller section and find a taped outline of a body on the floor (clever!) or you can visit Harry Potter’s room. Who knew that Harry’s cupboard under the stairs was actually in Richmond?

Add in new book clubs, like the Society of Heroines, which features a monthly meeting discussing a book of the month that features a female protagonist or the Not-So-Young-Adult Book Club for folks that aren’t exactly young adult but love to curl up with YA novels. A previous book club centered around Jane Austen novels. What a fun way to get introduced to all kinds of literature while meeting like-minded folks in the area!

My favorite part of shopping local bookstores is browsing the selection from local artists! Did I not yet mention that they occasionally hold author signings, too?

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The Two Sisters Books and More in Richmond, Indiana

The Two Sisters Books and More in Richmond, Indiana

I can’t recommend The Two Sisters Books & More in Richmond, Indiana enough! It has everything: great selection, friendly help, comfy, cozy atmosphere, local authors books, and those creative little touches that remind you that you are not in some look-alike, one size fits all book shop but a family-run, family friendly store!

These two women took a space that was in sorry shape, looking more like a bowling alley than a bookstore, what with it’s long, long bright orange interior, and have really created something special. Please, tell me your favorite section of this Wayne County shop in the comments below.

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The Two Sisters Books and More
193 Fort Wayne Avenue
Richmond, Indiana 47374

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