Olympian Candies in Richmond, Indiana

Olympian Candies in Richmond, Indiana

Olympian Candies has been a part of downtown Richmond, Indiana for over 100 years.

Specializing in handmade, hand-dipped chocolates, this is a shop that smells as good as it looks!

Olympian Candies in Richmond, Indiana

It was 1909. Greek immigrant James Chagares, his three sons, and two daughters, kept the shop stocked in not only chocolates but ice cream! Between the handmade chocolates and the homemade ice cream, they were certainly kept busy!

Over the years the business kept expanding as the sons and daughters married and their spouses also worked the shop.

By 1953, the kids were grown up, and the youngest, William Chagares, took over the business. William and his wife now worked the business with their two kids, a boy and a girl. They disbanded the homemade ice cream portion of the business to concentrate more fully on the confections!

Caramel corn, fondant mints, and caramel apples became big business for the now second generation chocolate shop. The business moved to a location a few blocks away–and where it happens to be located still today.

Richmond Chocolate Shop

Olympian Candies in Richmond, Indiana

Olympian Candies in Richmond, Indiana

Some things changed, but the use of his father’s original recipe for nine kinds of chocolate creams did not.

In 1983, Dimitri, William’s son, took over operation of Olympian Candies. In 1999, the business was sold to Gail Bowman and Kim Mitchell, a mom and daughter with a bent for novelty candy. They introduced new items into the store while using the same recipes made popular by James Chagares in 1909.

When I stepped into Olympian Candies, I couldn’t miss the fact that this is more than an Indiana chocolate shop! In fact, it’s a wonderful destination for baking lovers.

There are shelves of decorators icing colors (both liquid and the more solid style) in a huge variety of colors, sprinkles in so many hues, and even Sixlets. There’s packs of napkins in every color of the rainbow and even flavorings from butter gum to peach to black walnut!

After passing the baking and party supplies section, the counter will be ahead of you in the back of the store. This is where you’ll find the chocolate!

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!

Olympian Candies in Richmond, Indiana

Olympian Candies in Richmond, Indiana

This would also be my favorite part of it all. It’s the time when I get to dig in and do a little “research!”

I was informed that the chocolate roses are very popular. So, too, is the English toffee, the “Dittles” (a pecan, caramel, and chocolate creation) as well as the selection of creams. That one is not surprising given that after using the same recipe for over 100 years, continually growing the business, you know they are doing something right!

Milk chocolate creams of any kind are always my favorite. I sampled the milk chocolate orange buttercream and it was excellent! We had to get some caramels for the road. Those, too, were so smooth and delicious. They just melt in your mouth.

Holidays bring special treats like white chocolate Santas or snowmen, chocolate covered or bourbon cherries, and a Merry Christmas bar to name a few. Made seasonally, stock up while you can!

Those in need of sugar free chocolates will find quite a few to choose among: dittles, toffee, peanut clusters, peanut butter melts, pecan or almond nut barks, and a selection of cremes and caramels.

Go There

One taste and you’ll see why Olympian Candies in Richmond, Indiana has stood the test of time!

As always, please call ahead before heading out to this wonderful Wayne County destination.

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Olympian Candies
625 E Main Street
Richmond, Indiana 47374

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