Sassy Seconds in Richmond, Indiana

Sassy Seconds in Richmond, Indiana Formal Wear

Thrift shop lovers will absolutely love Sassy Seconds, a very large sell-it-again shop in downtown Richmond, Indiana.

With a hip interior that takes advantage of brick walls, using them to prominently display eye-catching items, it’s an organized and appealing bargain bonanza in Wayne County!

Sassy Seconds in Richmond, Indiana

Looking for kid’s clothing? This shop doesn’t have ’em! Head down the street for that one. This is for the grown-ups! Both men and women, and even teens, will find so much variety!

By devoting the spacious shop entirely to adults, Sassy Seconds is able to boast quite the selection. Unlike many thrift shops, there are special sizes available! They carry sizes from XS – 4X as well as a rack for larger men.

And the prices? As they like to say, “Why pay the difference when people do not know the difference?” Wise advice, indeed. With their policy on what comes into the store, you know it will look good! No wrinkles, stains, or funky smells here.

Richmond, Indiana Consignment Store

Sassy Seconds in Richmond, Indiana

Sassy Seconds in Richmond, Indiana Exterior

Like most small businesses, Sassy Seconds gives back to the community (yes, that would be another huge benefit of shopping local). They participate in the community but I think the best thing they do is standard store procedure for ’em!

When the reasonably priced items don’t sell after sixty days they go on sale. When that doesn’t sell, the items are turned over to a charity that gives clothing to those in need.

So, folks who who part their gently used clothing can clean their closet, potentially make a couple of bucks, or know they helped provide clothing to someone who desperately needs it.

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Sassy Seconds in Richmond, Indiana

Sassy Seconds in Richmond, Indiana Excellent Selection!

Sassy Seconds in Richmond, Indiana is an excellent find! Purses, shoes, clothing, even formal wear all have a place in this fun shop.

Now, just try to decide! Enjoy your time at Sassy Seconds–I know I did!

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Sassy Seconds
809 E Main Street
Richmond, Indiana 47374

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