Dan the Man's Taco Stand in Rossville, Indiana

Dan the Man’s Taco Stand in Rossville, Indiana Exterior

Dan the Man’s Taco Stand in Rossville, Indiana is a lively downtown restaurant.

Enjoy that relaxing tiki feel in a nice family atmosphere without ever leaving the state.

Dan the Man’s Taco Stand in Rossville

Dan the Man's Taco Stand in Rossville, Indiana Interior

Dan the Man’s Taco Stand in Rossville, Indiana Interior

Murals cover the walls. Featuring beach scenes like the ocean, sunset, and sandcastles, it’s very bright and spacious with room for large groups. Walk down the long plank aisle, past the tiki hut where ice cream is served, to the main counter where you’ll order and pay for your food.

Dan the Man’s Taco Stand boasts a casual atmosphere with a menu to match. Although this may sound like a Mexican food restaurant, that’s only a part of the menu. Beach or chicken tacos, nachos, burritos, and quesadillas are available but so too are a couple of unexpected items.

Burgers, salads, chicken wraps, fried pickles, and even pork tenderloin sandwiches also grace this simple menu located on the wall next to the counter.

With a few of my favorite things available, deciding wasn’t easy. The boys and I had to talk it over. Who would claim “dibs” on what?

Rossville, Indiana Restaurant

Dan the Man's Taco Stand in Rossville, Indiana

Dan the Man’s Taco Stand in Rossville, Indiana Handcut Curly Cheese Fries with Cheese

The youngest, Kid #2, ordered the Beef Taco from the kid’s menu. It included fries or applesauce, drink, and a token for a free ice cream cone. He thought that was pretty awesome. He opted for applesauce since we were planning on an appetizer. The oldest, Kid #1, decided on one Beach Taco and one Chicken taco.

As for me? I ordered the pork tenderloin sandwich. Since their opening two years ago, this Rossville restaurant has cut, breaded, and served more than 5,000 pounds of pork tenderloin sandwiches! It could be due in part to the Monster Tenderloin challenge, one hefty food contest.

Finish the 16 oz. pork tenderloin sandwich that’s topped with cheesy curly fries in thirty minutes or less and get your image on the Wall of Fame, what they call the “Real Man” wall. Finish it in ten minutes or less–and it’s free. Now that’s a challenge! It’s also one I wasn’t particularly interested in attempting so I settled for the 5 oz. pork tenderloin sandwich.

Seeing the sign for hand-cut curly fries and cheese, well, we got a large order to share too. Everything was absolutely fantastic. The boys’ tacos looked excellent, my sandwich was wonderful, and the fries were so good we want to go back just for a snack.

Menu for Dan the Man’s Taco Stand in Rossville

Dan the Man's Taco Stand in Rossville, Indiana Tacos
As always, please call ahead before visiting. Since these are hand-cut and hand-breaded tenderloins, they do sell out! If you have have your heart set on them, plan to arrive early. The same goes for some of their other surprise daily specials. They like to test out new ideas and recipes. Who knows what you will find?

I’m hoping to see Dan the Man’s collaborate with nearby The Sweet Spot Bakery and Cafe to easily add in some delicious and sweet treats with perfected recipes to his dessert menu while helping out a local business. It seems like a win/win (and a great fit) to me! Plus, I’d really love some of those Monster Cookies topped with ice cream and made available as ice cream sandwiches! Mmm! Sounds like a good follow-up to one memorable meal.

Keep up-to-date on all the delicious taco action by following Dan the Man’s Taco Stand on Facebook.

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Dan the Man’s Taco Stand
22 W Main Street
Rossville, IN 46065


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