Old Town Store Antiques in Corydon, Indiana

Old Town Store Antiques in Corydon, Indiana

I can’t believe we almost missed out on Old Town Store in Corydon, Indiana!

Right in the downtown, we almost drove right by this excellent Harrison County antique shop.

Old Town Store in Corydon, Indiana

Enter my home and you’ve probably noticed the large vintage Indiana map. It hangs on a wall in what we call the front parlor, a room where we play board games and do puzzles. Yup, I found it here!

If we had only had room in the car for more! This Indiana antique shop was so fantastic. I loved the furniture here.

Old Town Store is HUGE! More than 4,000 square feet of antiques, it was massive and so full of things I needed! No junky yard-sale cast-offs here, Old Town Store has really great things.

Corydon, Indiana Antique Shop

Old Town Store Antiques in Corydon, Indiana

Old Town Store Antiques in Corydon, Indiana

I love it when antique shops have like items collected into groups. It just looks good, ya know? Well, at Old Town Store, there were shelves of vintage camera, baskets of old photos or postcards, bowls of metal cookie cutters, or boxes of bottles.

Chairs in all sorts of styles hung off the walls in the back portion of the shop. Old doors, wall art, signs, and picture frames occupy other portions of the walls.

After eight years of buying and selling antiques at flea markets, online, and other non-stationary booth spaces, Joe and Lindsay Poe were able to open up Old Town Store. The name? Well, Marengo, Indiana folks may remember Old Town Store, an old grocery store. While “picking” one day, Joe found the sign, recalled visiting there was a child, and the name made sense.

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Old Town Store Antiques in Corydon, Indiana

Old Town Store Antiques in Corydon, Indiana

More than simply selling antiques, they enjoy redoing antiques or finding new purposes for older treasures.

You must visit this shop! The people are great, the selection is so, so good, and the location is easy to find. What are you waiting for? Call ahead before heading out, but do head out!

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Old Town Store
110 S Mulberry Street
Corydon, IN 47112

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