Museum of Antique Bicycles in Richmond, Indiana

Museum of Antique Bicycles in Richmond, Indiana

Has it been awhile since you’ve found a free attraction in Indiana? Then you need to head to the Museum of Antique Bicycles in Richmond, Indiana!

Located above the Two Sisters Books and More, it’s a spacious, wonderful place much like the business that resides below.

Museum of Antique Bicycles in Richmond, Indiana

I love riding my bicycle. It’s an old one and in not so good shape. I bought a new bike a few years ago but it sat and sat and sat–it just wasn’t the same! Still, there’s something about the shape and the solidness of it that I can’t let it go.

Our family was curious about the contents of a museum dedicated to all things bicycle! As so many museums begin, this is a private collection made public.

Vintage bike lovers will be awed by all the awesome captured in one shop but any history buff or riding enthusiast will be equally wowed by the variety of bicycles inside. Bicycles have come a long way! I am not talking about the early styles either, but in the last few decades alone.

People have added on to bicycles in order to use them in a variety of situations. Sure, they are used for fun or commuting, but also had a purpose in times of war, for racing, and for delivering mail (to name a few). See bicycles here that had a higher purpose!

Vintage Bike Museum

Museum of Antique Bicycles in Richmond, Indiana

Museum of Antique Bicycles in Richmond, Indiana

The owner is quick to point out what you are looking at and what makes it special. The informational placards attached or near to many of the bicycles certainly help fill in any blanks as well.

That comes in handy since we don’t really know much about the history of bicycles and couldn’t tell what period a bicycle is in.

We did, however, admire dozens of bicycles! Some were sleek and minimal while others were loaded with everything you would need in times of war.

I wish I could say I had a favorite but they are all so different! Our youngest thought this was really neat–and especially loved looking at the handful of children’s bikes on display.

Go There

Museum of Antique Bicycles in Richmond, Indiana

Museum of Antique Bicycles in Richmond, Indiana

The Museum of Antique Bicycles in Richmond, Indiana doesn’t necessarily keep regular hours. Please, please call ahead to ensure that you can fit this excellent free attraction in to your Wayne County plans!

It’s not very often that you get a chance to look at such an extensive collection of beautifully renovated bikes!  Don’t miss out on this unique Indiana museum.

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Museum of Antique Bicycles
Above 193 Fort Wayne Avenue
Richmond, Indiana 47374

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