The Vaps platter is fresh and delicious.

The Vaps platter is fresh and delicious.

Street food is big right now, whether it’s served out of a food truck or from a table on a busy sidewalk.

And in downtown Valparaiso, Indiana, delicious and popular street food is served in the comfort of brick and mortar restaurant Vaps.

Vaps Street Food in Valparaiso, Indiana

Vap’s Street Food has found a winning combination: mixing the low cost, preparation speed and ease of street food with the quality of fresh, top-of-the-line ingredients and scratch-made everything.

When we walked into Vaps, the friendly man at the counter asked if I’d ever been to Vaps. When we said we hadn’t, he explained the word “Vap” comes from the word Cevapi, a traditional street food in southeastern Europe.

Vaps, which are grilled, skinless sausages, are served with a homemade bread and assorted toppings.

Valparaiso, Indiana Restaurant

Vaps Street Food in Valparaiso, Indiana Exterior

Vaps Street Food in Valparaiso, Indiana Exterior

My wife and I split a Vaps platter, which comes with seven Vaps. I got  vegetarian sausages, made with lentils and rice. My wife got the beef ones.

Our Vaps platter came with hand-cut fries, a cabbage salad, a block of French feta cheese and two large pieces of fresh bread. Believe it or not, one platter was more than enough food for two.

We finished the meal with a tasty caramel apple flavored stuffed pastry.

The Menu at Vaps Street Food

Vaps’ menu has everything from bureks (baked and stuffed with such ingredients as beef and onion or spinach and cheese); salads (with ingredients like spinach, arugula, red peppers and cucumbers), sandwiches, platters and and sides.

The meat choices include beef, turkey and lamb. I liked that they did a vegetarian sausage so I wasn’t stuck with only a salad.

The folks at Vaps brag that everything is prepared fresh daily, and that they don’t own a freezer.

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The mural at Vaps.

The mural at Vaps.

The service at Vaps was remarkable, from the gentleman who took the time to explain everything to the other workers who checked on us and wished us a good day when we left.

The interior of this Porter County restaurant is charming, with a mural on one wall and seating in booths, tables and at a counter. I was expecting Vaps to be unique and tasty, but I was pleasantly surprised about how refined the menu is.

Vaps is open for lunch and dinner every day but Sunday.

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Vaps Street Food
22 N. Washington Street
Valparaiso, IN 46383

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