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We control the number of battery-operated, insanely noisy toys that enter this house.

Yes, okay, it was my idea to get Kid #1 the play drum set when he was 3. I admit, I also thought Santa should give Kid #2 a microphone last year. Oh, and last year when they both got recorders just “for fun” may also have been my idea. Maybe I’m not doing such a good job at preventing noise overload!

Did You Remember the Batteries

Duracell CopperTop Batteries

Duracell CopperTop Batteries/Image Used with Permission

Since we always know what we are getting the boys, we always plan ahead on batteries! But what happens when a family member or friend gifts the boys with some amazing and loud electronic device like a fire truck that wails and plays music or a train and FORGETS the batteries? Here’s where you come in.

There’s enough to worry about, what with basting the turkey, chopping the potatoes, watering the tree, hiding the stack of papers that you always mean to file away but never get around to…you get the idea. Don’t add a bunch of weepy kids to the mix! Stock up on the batteries you need, NOW, before it’s too late!

As you may remember from when you were a kid, there was nothing worse than getting a toy that was battery operated and not being able to play it! Yes, that would be Christmas in the 1980s and the game “Bed Bugs.” Anyone else remember that? It was torturous waiting to hit the store for that one the next day.

Duracell is our battery brand of choice–and the #1 choice for pharmacists and first responders. If it’s good for their hardcore usage, I’m pretty sure it can handle Kid #2’s microphone just fine.

Frequently on sale for a great deal (and at a store that’s within walking distance of my home), CopperTop batteries are available in the following types: AA, AAA, C, D and 9V. Perfect for all your Christmas needs! Plus, the Duracell CopperTop All-Purpose alkaline batteries are long-lasting! Win/win.

Power the Holidays

Duracell is actually doing a cute ad campaign on the Duracell Facebook Page that I find rather clever. Go check it out and see if you agree! You can catch up with Duracell on Twitter, too. Since they also supply batteries to communities in need, well, you’ve got to love when a big company does the right thing!

Our Christmas traditions are many: Santa leaves a small toy (often a Lego minifigure) outside the door of the kid’s rooms, Santa doesn’t wrap gifts, and I always make a ton of different Christmas cookies. You can bet that stocking up on Duracell Batteries is another!

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