Log Cabin Antiques in Roann, Indiana

Log Cabin Antiques in Roann, Indiana

Log Cabin Antiques in Roann, Indiana is the kind of antique shop that will instantly become one of your favorite antique shops!

This Wabash County antique shop sits in a cute little downtown–in a town with a population of less than 500 people.

Roann, Indiana Antique Shop

Does anyone else find that amazing? Even the tiniest of towns have something! You see how I did that there? After you get out and about a few times, finding the unexpected isn’t quite so surprising.

And when the stock inside of it is this good, you can bet it’s something you need to see!

Log Cabin Antiques isn’t a log cabin. I know, that threw me for a minute. But inside, it’s all wood flooring and beams. Really, it’s a huge, antique-packed space that’s just incredible.

Now, I’ve got a thing for furniture. I love vintage furniture. Who doesn’t? Buy a book shelf from big box and it might last a year but look at this…antique shops carry actual wood furniture that lasts…well, long enough to be considered antique!

Log Cabin Antiques Selection

Log Cabin Antiques in Roann, Indiana Exterior

Log Cabin Antiques in Roann, Indiana Exterior

This time, it was a trip with our two boys. They really enjoyed browsing here! I wish I could say they typically enjoy browsing everywhere but one too many linens or dishware items and their eyes start to glaze over. But here, that wasn’t a problem. Well, okay, there were linens here (some beautiful quilts, in fact) but the assortment was so varied that even two boys were impressed.

Vintage toys caught their eye. Many times. Many, many times. They were so unique!

At the back of the store, the oldest found all manner of fishing lures. He was in heaven! The youngest was a bit obsessed with the cowboy items. Everything was just fantastic.

But for me, the furniture was IT! Beautiful buffets, primitives, tables, hutches, and then some have a spot in this lovely shop. Some of them would have had a lovely spot in my home, too! Ah, the only drawback of bringing along company–there’s less room for great stuff!

Pewter, Ball, and other canning jars were in abundance. Kudos to whomever arranged those displays. Actually, the entire store was charmingly arranged with Indiana antiques draped creatively over here or bunched together over there. I love that, don’t you?

Go There

Log Cabin Antiques in Roann, Indiana

Log Cabin Antiques in Roann, Indiana

Are you sold yet? Grab a big old truck, snap on a trailer, and make your way to Log Cabin Antique in Roann, Indiana. You can’t miss this one.

Luckily, it’s so easy to find in one cute and tidy town!

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

Just don’t forget to tell ’em that  little Indiana sent you!

Log Cabin Antiques
165 N Chippewa Street
Roann, IN 46974

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