Monrovia Mudworks in Mooresville, Indiana

Monrovia Mudworks in Mooresville, Indiana Gallery

Monrovia Mudworks in Mooresville, Indiana is a wonderful destination!

Situated inside a lovely brick home, it’s now chock-full of artsy fun! Gallery, studio, and roomy workshop, locals have it so good.

Mooresville, Indiana Pottery 

When you walk inside, there’s finished pottery pieces available for purchase. These might range from a functional sushi plate to a vase to a serving platter or something to something whimsical to jazz up a room.

There’s so many different kind of items available so expect to find multiple items that would work wonderfully as gifts, too!

A small room in the back holds pieces that are marked at a discounted rate. They may have a small flaw but I saw loads of adorable and useful items in there (and they looked great to me!).

Monrovia Mudworks in Mooresville

Monrovia Mudworks in Mooresville, Indiana Gallery

Monrovia Mudworks in Mooresville, Indiana Gallery

But the best part about Monrovia Mudworks is that you don’t have to be a bystander. You can join in the fun! Groups large and small, can schedule their own private workshops in addition to what she already offers.

Although pottery is a big part of Monrovia Mudworks, this is a wet-clay, pottery wheel spinnin’ kind of studio, there’s so much more to it than that!

Owner Jolee Chartrand hosts workshops to teach new techniques or to complete all kinds of projects. Silk screen printing, watercolor painting, stained glass, and drawing are a few of the previous classes. Although the artist and owner teaches plenty of her own classes, her door is always open to local artists wanting to share their specialty.

During my time at Monrovia Mudworks, I had the opportunity to take part in making a wind chime! Pieces were provided. I had to measure out the string, choose my beads, and decide which pieces of pottery to add to my chime. I had so much fun making it–and it looked really cute hanging up outside! Our sons were so impressed that I made it because, you know, I don’t really have those DIY kind of skills!

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Monrovia Mudworks in Mooresville, Indiana Workshop

Monrovia Mudworks in Mooresville, Indiana Wind Chime Workshop

Normally I would have a great shot of the outside to share with you but my class was at night so that just wasn’t going to happen. Just know that Monrovia Mudworks in Mooresville, Indiana is actually easy to find and looks great. The comfortable atmosphere makes it easy to relax–the owner makes it fun!

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Monrovia Mudworks
51 E High Street
Mooresville, IN 46158

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