little Indiana received Lollipops Moustaches and Lips Cards by Peaceable Kingdom in exchange for an honest review. My opinions remain mine and mine alone.

Peaceable Kingdom Valentines Cards

Peaceable Kingdom Valentine’s Cards

If you’ve been following along little Indiana for any length of time, you may have come across the Peaceable Kingdom brand before. We are able to pick up their wonderful cooperative learning board games for our family game night at a local gifts and things shop in our town.

But that’s not what I’m sharing today! No, it’s the season of love–and Peaceable Kingdom has adorable Valentine’s to pep up any classroom party!

Peaceable Kingdom Super Fun Valentine’s

Peaceable Kingdom Valentines Cards

Peaceable Kingdom Valentine’s Cards

There’s an assortment of Valentine’s Day cards available from Peaceable Kingdom that will appeal to anyone looking for a little brightness, a bit of cheer, and bold, vivid colors!

Family-friendly cards, these are the kind of cards that remind me of my own elementary school classroom parties. It’s good, clean fun. There’s Puppy Love Scratch-off cards that reveal a cute little greeting. There’s Owl Bookmarks, Butterfly or Buggy Tattoo Packs, and Cootie Catcher Packs which really brings me back to middle school. You remember those folded up pieces of paper that revealed a message, right?

My Super Valentine Fun Pack was the Lollipop Moustaches and Lip cards. It’s so cute! It should come with twenty-eight valentines, twenty-eight envelopes, and thirty stickers. Our five year old simply wrote his name on the stickers (we skip the “to” space at this age) and then attached a store-bought sucker to a lip or moustache card. In the bag it went! He put the stickers on the bags and I sealed them up. Easy, peasy, and he really enjoyed doing it.

Mine, unfortunately, was missing a pack of stickers. They are aware of the problem! The printer made an error so if that happens, don’t fret! Contact the company and they will make it right.

Valentine’s Day Fun

Peaceable Kingdom Valentines Cards

Peaceable Kingdom Valentine’s Cards Super Fun Pack Image Courtesy of Peaceable Kingdom

I admit I was a little bummed by the lack of included lollipops. But then again–it meant I got to pick out what I wanted and I didn’t have to worry about a bunch of broken suckers hidden inside. It ended up being a nice move on their part.

Any size lollipop will do. They have a hole already punched in the card. You simply push through the pre-made opening, expanding it to fit.

The included clear envelopes are so cute! Dotted with hearts and moustaches, it’s a really cute touch! My five year old thinks they are really funny and cannot wait to pass them out to his class. Although some of the moustaches are quite large, there would still be enough room to tuck in a small treat or other tiny item into the envelopes. They are self-sticking so you don’t need to worry about anything falling out, either!

Last Minute Valentine’s Cards

Waiting until the last minute? Look for the new Peaceable Kingdom line of Valentine’s Day cards at a local toy store near you.

Like the rest of their products, you can expect well-made, high-quality pieces with a fun, whimsical touch that never fails to appeal to children!

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