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myCharge RazorMax Battery Review

myCharge RazorMax Battery Review

When you travel a lot (and I do) you will have your battery die on you before you are ready. If you don’t travel a lot, you probably still have your battery die on you long before you are ready. Avoid the 4 PM smartphone battery death experienced by 77% of smartphone users with this fantastic gadget!

Smartphones or cameras, even tablets, can all benefit from a bit of juice from the sleek, portable RazorMax charger.

myCharge RazorMax

Taking a lot of photos, checking in on FourSquare, updating my Instagram account, and keeping taps on the little Indiana Facebook Page are a drain on my electronic devices, as you might imagine (side note: you can easily follow along in my adventures by clicking on the links located in the sidebar). As you probably figured out, just photos alone drain my camera so I was getting pretty desperate for some sort of backup. My introduction to the myCharge RazorMax was certainly timely!

What is the myCharge RazorMax? Only the most convenient invention! It’s a rechargeable 6000mAh battery that is so slender I can easily tuck inside the back pocket of my jeans! Yes, I admit, I have done that many times now. When my camera battery gets low, I shove the rechargeable battery in my pocket, keepinng the cord connected to the battery. This way, I can keep it charging while on the go! I don’t have time to sit somewhere, waiting for it to replenish its battery. Now I can continue on with my plans, hassle-free.

No longer do I have to panic when the battery gets low (and prevents proper focusing). I don’t need to worry when I’ve got a meeting and I left my phone charger at home. The myCharge RazorMax can handle it.

It doesn’t make any annoying sounds. It doesn’t need any special cords or require extensive reading of a thick instruction manual. You simply use a charging cord (or your micro-USB cable), plug it in, and let it go! It does come with a recharge cable and a Quick Start Guide but it is nothing complicated. Simply give it a shake to see how charged it is and look for the four tiny white lights to glow. For real! Each of the dots represent 25% of the battery charge. When the device is completely drained, it takes somewhere around two hours to completely recharge. The white lights glow brighter while it is charging.

Choose myCharge RazorMax

RazorMax Charging phone tablet

myCharge RazorMax Charging Phone and Tablet (Image Used with Permission)

Why choose the myCharge RazorMax? At only four inches by two and a half inches in size, it’s an easy to carry addition for any trip! Want the specs? Here you go:


  • Battery: 6000mAh Lithium Polymer
  • 2 built-in USB ports deliver a combined 2.4A output
  • Product Dimensions: 4.4 in x 2.6 in x 0.5 in
  • Product Weight: 0.38 lbs.

From its size to its weight, it has been designed to be accessible for those on the go! Farmers or entrepreneurs, students, parents, or even teachers can all use a little gadget like this to get the charging job done.

Here’s a peek at the technology behind this miraculous device:

  • Smart-sense: ensures complete device compatibility
  • Max-power: maximum power transfer from powerbank to device
  • Power-stay: maintains battery power for up to 1 year
  • High-density battery: the smallest and lightest powerbank
  • Safe-cell: provides the highest level of battery safety
  • Pass Through Charging: will charge the powerbank and connected device simultaneously

Buy the RazorMax

myCharge RazorMax Battery Review

myCharge RazorMax Battery Review: The Device Charging

Forget particular colors or styles of shoes, the myCharge RazorMax is my must-have accessory this season! It has made my traveling life infinitely easier–and been a real lifesaver more times than I can count when my camera or my smartphone went dead. It has come in really handy when staying at places with limited outlets too.

Are you sold yet? I thought so! If you are wondering where can you purchase the myCharge RazorMax, that’s an easy answer. Look at local retailers near you as well as on the myCharge website. They have other varieties to choose among that may interest you as well.

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