Strawberry Rhubarb Coffee Cake Recipe

Strawberry Rhubarb Coffee Cake Recipe

As if spring wasn’t wonderful enough, with the birds singing, the grass greening, and the return to more bearable temperatures, it also marks the season of rhubarb–and strawberry rhubarb coffee cake recipes. I love finding new rhubarb recipes though it’s so hard not to turn to my favorite blueberry rhubarb pie recipe. I enjoy rhubarb in general: the red and green color, the way it breaks up the typical desserts and makes them something different, and the delicious outcome.

I had to make a necessary change to the original recipe. I had a good reason for it though. You see, the original recipe used frozen strawberries. It’s strawberry season so I had fresh strawberries from our farmer’s market (a whole bucket full of them) to use. There was no way I would turn to frozen strawberries when there were big, beautiful berries just begging to be made into a coffee cake. They were. It’s true. So, I added a scant amount of water to make up for some of the moisture loss. Maybe a Tablespoon, maybe two. Not much. Use your best judgement if you decide to switch out frozen strawberries for the fresh. As you can see through the image above, I think it was worth it.

Funny story, I was sorting through a neighbor’s old books, a variety of books that were a part of her mother’s estate and that she didn’t want to keep. I flipped through an old, old book about things to eat and things to avoid. Rhubarb made the list on the things to avoid. It actually read, “If you must eat rhubarb…” and then listed tips about eating it, which I found to be hilarious. Yes, I must eat rhubarb. I will enjoy the extra sugar sometimes packed into baked goods to make up for its tartness, too. How about you?

So, because I “must,” I bake awesome brunch sort of baked goods like this recipe for Rhubarb Coffee Cake. My husband likes to say that he isn’t a fan of rhubarb–but can you guess who kept sneaking slices morning, noon, and night? Yeah, that guy. I’m so onto him and his less than sneaky ways.

Pin this recipe to save it for rhubarb season if you don’t have any pals that have any left (I’ve heard that rhubarb does freeze well though I have yet to have any leftover to try it myself). Some grocery stores carry it year round though I haven’t had a chance to try that either. When my farmer’s market runs out, I would so love to have that kind of an option. If you need some other great recipes for baked goods, you can bet I have them. Look in the search bar above and type in “blueberries” or “strawberries” or “chocolate.” I found this on Taste of Home.

Strawberry Rhubarb Coffee Cake Recipe

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