Wikerdoodles in Kirklin, Indiana

Wikerdoodles in Kirklin, Indiana

There are shops you love and will never forget. There are, fortunately, shops like Wikerdoodle in Kirklin, Indiana that is something you will always remember–and one that will get your clever decorating juices flowing!

Wikerdoodle occupies what would be a rather nondescript storefront if not for the arranged assorted items for sale all along the front of it. Now that’s a great way to get your attention.

Wikerdoodles in Kirklin

Wikerdoodles in Kirklin, Indiana

Wikerdoodles in Kirklin, Indiana

Located in what I call “antique town,” Kirklin has come back from the brink. I know I have mentioned the rebirth of Kirklin in previous articles, but it is such an inspiring, happy story that I feel the need to share it whenever I get the chance. Since we are already talking about Kirklin, it fits right in, doesn’t it!

Kirklin was sad. Storefronts were boarded up. Buildings were in bad shape. It was ugly. One excellent antique shop, White Lion Antiques, was still in business (and doing well) but other than a salon, that was just about it.

But then something happened. Someone saw the potential of this town, located on the “crossroads” as it was. They realized that its convenient access to the city made it a great spot for folks to visit without having to make a whole weekend of it. This Indianapolis businessperson decided to begin fixing up these old shops and then sold or rented them out again for a fair price.

Something even better happened: small business entrepreneurs moved in! Suddenly, White Lion Antiques wasn’t a lonely shop. Kirklin became a destination–and has a full downtown shopping area to boot! Wikerdoodles is one of these fabulous incoming businesses.

Indiana Antique Shop

Wikerdoodles in Kirklin, Indiana

Wikerdoodles in Kirklin, Indiana

This isn’t your typical Indiana antique shop. There’s not cases of vintage items tucked inside of locked glass cases. There are no displays of “look, but don’t touch” items here. Wikerdoodles is accessible!

True antiques are tucked in among wonderfully repurposed items. The shabby chic selection is truly awesome–and inspiring! These are the kind of items perfect for rooms that need a bit of a whimsical flourish or a personal touch. The button-covered mirror, adorable throw pillows, and picture frame picture hangers were a few items that really stood out to me.

Wikerdoodles also carries primitives. Of course, they work their magic with those pieces, too. Some may be left “as is” while others are transformed into new, useful, attractive items. Every part of this shop has what can only be called “a feast for the eyes.”

Wooden slats along the back walls hold a number of home decor items. They might range from a floral wreath to jazzed up image holders made out of picture frames or unusual items made interesting, like the weather-worn rake now serving as a sort of wall hook.

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Wikerdoodles in Kirklin, Indiana

Wikerdoodles in Kirklin, Indiana

Wikerdoodles in Kirklin, Indiana is a shabby chic destination. The ladies inside are so nice and chatty! They will help you find just what you need to feather your nest.

Keep up with the latest finds by following Wickerdoodles on Facebook. At the time of this writing, they do not have a website. If that changes, it will be included above their mapped location below.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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104 E Madison Street
Kirklin, Indiana 46050

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